Forty five people died on the roads so far this year

So far this year 45 people have died in road  accidents and while drivers continue to speed, measures to reduce the accidents is moving at a snail’s pace, House communication and works chairman Antonis Antoniou said on Thursday

During the session he announced that by the end of the year there would be a call for tender for new traffic camera systems across the country.

Already installed in Grivas Dighenis Avenue in Nicosia, the system has brought the state €1.5 million in income within 15 months through fines compared to installation costs that were €80,000 while streets with traffic cameras have seen 50 per cent fall in accidents, Antoniou added.

DISY MP Andreas Michaelides however said that it doesn’t matter how many measures are taken, if people’s mentality doesn’t change to follow road safety rules then the list of those dying on the street would  continue to remain a nightmare for everyone.

According to him, the three most dangerous types of drivers are youths under the age of 25, foreigners and bikers.

AKEL MP Christakis Giovanis added that in countries with traffic camera systems, the number of road deaths fall by 40 per cent.

Cyprus Mail

Traffic cop faces bribery charges

AN officer of the Famagusta traffic police was arrested on Wednesday in connection with a case of embezzlement of public funds and bribery.

According to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the officer was reported that last Thursday, while on traffic control duty at the Larnaca-Ayia Napa motorway, he asked a tourist, whose breathalyser showed more than double the permitted alcohol consumption limit, to give him €100 so that he would not slap him with the €300 fine, provided by law for such cases.

The tourist reportedly gave him all the money he had on him, around €90, and the officer let him go. He later reported the officer to the police.

The officer faces charges for bribery, money extortion by a civil servant to show favour, abuse of power, and breach of trust.

Cyprus Mail