Never Too Good | Episode 4

In our final video Chaz, Alan and the gang have covered hundreds of miles and honed their road riding skills. If you’re interested in taking a course and improving your riding skills, check out the schemes available here: <a class=”yt-uix-sessionlink ” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” data-url=”” data-sessionlink=”ei=hMsDV6HADqGWiwbe_LzQBg”>…</a> Because nobody’s too good to be a better rider.

Never too good | Episode 3 : Roadcraft

Check out our latest video of Chaz &amp; Alan’s weekend taking further training. This time they’re getting their heads around Roadcraft and why its so important to riding safely. Then the whole crew are out on the road for one-on-one feedback from the instructors. Do you think you could benefit from some individual observation? Find out more about further training: <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>…

Speeding MP case postponed for later in the week

The hearing for DISY MP Andreas Themistocleous’ traffic violations was postponed on Monday until the end of the week by the Nicosia district court. After the Supreme Court lifted his parliamentary immunity in February, Themistocleous is now being prosecuted at the district court for speeding on several occasions. He faces a total of seven charges. […]

Source: Speeding MP case postponed for later in the week – Cyprus Mail Cyprus Mail

Campaign to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol

To address the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol, the police announced a national campaign starting today.

This is the second campaign of this kind this year, which runs from April 4 until April 10, 2016.

During the campaign, will be held throughout the day, intensive alcohol tests to drivers in the entire road network of the Republic of Cyprus.

Drunk biker is a driving instructor – InCyprus

A drunk motorist, who reportedly taunted traffic police while riding an unregistered motorcycle without a helmet, has turned out to be a driving instructor.

Source: Drunk biker is a driving instructor – InCyprus

Comment: It is not unusual to see some driving instructors or student drivers under their instruction, contravening road traffic law. Often blatantly.

The actions of this driving instructor should not be a total surprise.