Road tax renewals to start on January 7 | Cyprus Mail

Road tax renewals for 2021 will start on January 7, the road transport department said on Wednesday.

The last date for renewals is March 11, 2021. After that date there will be a surcharge.

The road tax can be renewed for a period of three, six, nine or 12 months, it added.

Vehicles must have an MOT and insurance.

The department urged owners to renew their road tax in time and not to wait until the last minute to avoid potentially overloading he system which could lead to inconvenience.

All vehicle owners who had renewed their road tax in 2020 but do not intend to do so for 2021 must notify the department that they are immobilising their vehicle by completing form TOM12B. Failure to do so will mean the fee remains outstanding.

Vehicles for which the road tax was not renewed in 2020 and have not been declared as immobilised will be struck off the department’s registry unless the outstanding sum is paid and the road tax renewed by Thursday, March 11, 2021.

In the event that a vehicle has been scrapped, an application (form TOM98A) and a certificate to that effect issued by authorised facilities, must be submitted to the department so that the owner is no longer liable to pay road tax.

Road tax can be renewed throughout the year online, at banks, citizens’ help centres, district post offices and district offices of the road transport department of the transport ministry.
Owners will not be sent notifications to renew their road tax, the department also said.
Source: Road tax renewals to start on January 7 | Cyprus Mail