Police issue final road tax warning


Police have warned motorists to get their road tax in order ahead of a major clampdown which is set to get underway as of this coming Wednesday.

According to the latest figures from the Road Transport Department, around 104,000 vehicles are currently on Cyprus’ roads without having renewed their road tax and that police will no longer issue warnings but fines. The same figures show that another 68,700 vehicles have been left stranded.

Traffic police say that motorists must sort out their road tax by Tuesday or run the risk of paying a fine on top of their outstanding road tax fee.

Road Transport officials are, meanwhile, bracing for a huge influx of motorists to their relative departments around the island to settle their road tax while around 20,000 cars have even yet to even pass their MOT.

Another 8,500 motorists have also been alerted that their vehicles have not been for their MOT.


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