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Passengers escape injury when car goes up in flames after crash  – Cyprus Mail

The fire service was called in on two occasions Saturday night and early Sunday to put out fire on two cars, one of which burst into flames when it crashed. The first incident occurred at around 11.20pm in Limassol between the roundabouts of Mesa Yeitonia and Ayios Athanasios, when a car went up in flames […]

Source: Passengers escape injury when car goes up in flames after crash  – Cyprus Mail

Teenager arrested after dangerous Limassol chase –

Police in Limassol were involved in a dangerous car chase late on Wednesday night after teenager attempted to evade officers because he did not have a driving license.

According to investigators, the incident occurred at around 11.30pm when a vehicle – said to have been driven erratically – refused to stop when flagged down by traffic police in Germasogeia.

The driver instead sped off prompting two police patrol cars to give chase. According to witnesses, the car hit dangerous speeds through the streets of Germasogeia and, at one point, almost struck pedestrians after racing through a zebra crossing. He also drove into the opposite lane.

Police first fired warning shots into the air before eventually shooting the tyres of the car, subsequently immobilising the vehicle. The chase had lasted around 15 to 20 minutes.

The driver, said to be a 19-year-old man, was then placed under arrest but is also set to be charged with assault after biting the police officer who tried to handcuff him.

A passenger in the car is also under investigation.

Limassol police say he refused to stop because he did not have a driving license. Police also say that the car had the license plate removed with investigators now looking into the possibility that car may have been used or was going to be used in a crime.

Source: Teenager arrested after dangerous Limassol chase –

Motorcyclist seriously injured in Limassol crash –

A man from Limassol is in serious condition in hospital after the motorbike he was traveling on collided with a car late on Wednesday night.

According to Traffic Police, the incident occurred at around 10pm on Yiannis Kranidiotis Street. He was rushed to Limassol General Hospital where was placed in intensive care.

Source: Motorcyclist seriously injured in Limassol crash –

Cyprus looking to computerise driving theory tests –

Driving theory tests at the Road Transport Department (RTD) could soon be conducted on computers by private companies.

There is expressed interest by multiple parties while KEVE (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has already requested to meet with RTD officials to present its own opinions.

The RTD has also publicised its intention to move ahead with a tender for private companies to take over the conducting of theoretical examinations.

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The private company which will take over these examinations and will collect a fee directly from those taking the test. The largest allowed fee will be specified in the bill, and the fee is expected to be significantly lower than that paid today.

According to the draft bill which was put for discussion in parliament, the maximum fee will be €30 of which €3 will go to the government as administrative fees. Furthermore, €4.31 will be collected by the government as VAT, leaving €22.69 per examinee to the private company.

The company which wins the tender must have at least one examination centre in each urban area: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Paralimni. The examinations will take place in these centres, with the company issuing a certificate and exchanging information with the RTD system.

The RTD is aiming to eventually expand the computer examinations to all driving licence tests including bus drivers and taxi drivers.

The total investment needed to conduct examinations via computers for five years is €2.5 million, or €500,000 annually.

The RTD says that approximately 23,000 driving theory tests for drivers are conducted each year.

In 2015, 23,309 theoretical examinations took place, while in 2016 the number was 23,314.

With the computerised examinations, the RTD’s driving examiners will significantly increase their available time for practical examinations, leading to better service for those looking for dates for their practical examinations.

Source: Cyprus looking to computerise driving theory tests –

Motorcyclist clocked doing 232km/h –

Police clocked a 28-year-old motorcyclist speeding at a deadly 232km/h on Monday afternoon along the Nicosia-Limassol motorway close to Latsia.

According to a police announcement, the 28-year-old was charged with reckless driving, excessive speeding, driving without a licence and insurance and a host of other violations.

Along with the 28-year-old,  112 people in the Famagusta district were charged for traffic violations during an awareness campaign staged between 1pm and 7pm on Monday afternoon within the framework of efforts by the police to reduce the number of fatal traffic accidents.

Of the 112 warrants issued, two drivers were charged for carrying clubs and knuckle dusters in their cars, 24 were for seatbelt violations, 21 were for traffic sign violations and the remainder were for speeding violations.

At the same time, in Nicosia, within the framework of ‘Road Policing’, a 44-year-old Nicosia resident was found with 73 outstanding warrants by using a mobile automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system and was handed over to the relevant body.

Source: Motorcyclist clocked doing 232km/h –

Traffic cops issue over 41,000 speeding tickets in 5 months –

Traffic police have issued 41,475 speeding tickets in the first five months of 2017, up from 39,997 from the corresponding 2016 period.

The rise of 3.7% in speeding tickets over the first five months of 2017 compared to the corresponding period last year has highlighted the need for tougher and prohibitive legislation and penalties to be introduced.

The issue with seatbelts is even worse.

A total of 6,977 warrants were issued to drivers and passengers for not wearing their seatbelts over the first five months of 2017 recording a 35% increase over the corresponding 2016 period when 5,139 warrants were issued.

Source: Traffic cops issue over 41,000 speeding tickets in 5 months –

Man guilty of manslaughter in road death (Updated) – Cyprus Mail

A 50-year-old man was found guilty on Thursday in the death of a motorist in 2015, killed after the defendant, high on drugs, slammed into the rear of his vehicle, which was stopped at the Enaerios traffic lights in Limassol.

Yiannis Kyriakides was found guilty of manslaughter, driving under the influence of cocaine, and driving at a speed that could put lives in danger.

It is the first time that a driver who caused a death in a road accident has been charged with manslaughter. The maximum penalty is life in jail.

His lawyer will plead for leniency on July 17.[…]

Source: Man guilty of manslaughter in road death (Updated) – Cyprus Mail

Car ploughs into UK family of three in Paphos –

A family of three from the UK were run down in Paphos on Monday night after a car failed to stop at the pedestrian crossing they were using.

According to police, at around 8:45 pm on Monday night a Syrian man driving along Apostolou Pavlou Avenue in Paphos failed to stop his car at the pedestrian crossing outside King’s Avenue Mall hitting the family of three.

Source: Car ploughs into UK family of three in Paphos –

Man hospitalised after being hit by drunk driver – Cyprus Mail

A man was hospitalised on Sunday evening after being hit by a car driven by a drunk woman on the road from Kofinou to Kornos. The accident occurred when the woman, a 21-year-old resident of Tseri, tried to overtake the man’s car and collided with it at around 9.10pm.

A breathalyser test for the woman gave a 59μg reading while the maximum permitted by law is 22μg. […]

Source: Man hospitalised after being hit by drunk driver – Cyprus Mail