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Cyprus looking to computerise driving theory tests –

Driving theory tests at the Road Transport Department (RTD) could soon be conducted on computers by private companies.

There is expressed interest by multiple parties while KEVE (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has already requested to meet with RTD officials to present its own opinions.

The RTD has also publicised its intention to move ahead with a tender for private companies to take over the conducting of theoretical examinations.

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The private company which will take over these examinations and will collect a fee directly from those taking the test. The largest allowed fee will be specified in the bill, and the fee is expected to be significantly lower than that paid today.

According to the draft bill which was put for discussion in parliament, the maximum fee will be €30 of which €3 will go to the government as administrative fees. Furthermore, €4.31 will be collected by the government as VAT, leaving €22.69 per examinee to the private company.

The company which wins the tender must have at least one examination centre in each urban area: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Paralimni. The examinations will take place in these centres, with the company issuing a certificate and exchanging information with the RTD system.

The RTD is aiming to eventually expand the computer examinations to all driving licence tests including bus drivers and taxi drivers.

The total investment needed to conduct examinations via computers for five years is €2.5 million, or €500,000 annually.

The RTD says that approximately 23,000 driving theory tests for drivers are conducted each year.

In 2015, 23,309 theoretical examinations took place, while in 2016 the number was 23,314.

With the computerised examinations, the RTD’s driving examiners will significantly increase their available time for practical examinations, leading to better service for those looking for dates for their practical examinations.

Source: Cyprus looking to computerise driving theory tests –

International Driving Permit

An International Driving Permit is not a driving licence.

It is used to enable a visitor to drive in countries that do not accept the domestic driving licence of a particular country as a valid document.

This is sometimes because the licence is not in a language that the host countries officials can read or will accept. It also restricts the time a person can drive in a country before complying with domestic law regarding driving tests and issuing of driving licences.

Validity of International Driving Permits.

A full domestic licence is required before an International Driving Permit is issued. Both documents must be valid and in date and produced together for the International Driving Permit to be accepted.

How to apply for a Cyprus International Driving Permit.

You require:

  • Completed form TOM 26A.
  • Your Full Cyprus Driving Licence
  • Two recent passport size photograph (40x35mm)
  • Fee of € 30

Take the completed form to your local Department of Road Transport Office or Citizens Service Center.

The form in English and Greek can be downloaded pdfhere

Each State authorizes issuing agents within its territory. IDP’s can only be issued by them and they must conform to a set pattern. Other documents purporting to be IDP’s or international driving licences issued by anyone else are not acceptable or legal.

Cyprus has ratified the Convention on Road Traffic (Geneva, 1949) and the Vienna Convention (1968). Those IDP’s issued under the Geneva Convention are valid for one year. Most countries have signed up to the Geneva convention or honour it. A smaller number of countries accept the IDP’s issued under the Vienna Convention.

The information on this page refers to non vocational driving licences.

Changes to driving regulations for learners’ and elderly – Cyprus Mail

A consultation period is underway on a bill amending regulations for driving licences for young drivers as well as the elderly. The draft bill provides for granting a learner’s licence at 17, minimum hours of compulsory training for candidate drivers by instructors, as well as annual medical tests for drivers over 75, in order to […]

Source: Changes to driving regulations for learners’ and elderly – Cyprus Mail Cyprus Mail

Driving Licence on Reaching 70 years of Age

Cyprus driving licence

The information in this page refers to FULL non-vocational driving licences.

You should read this page in conjunction with the main Cyprus driving licence page.

To obtain a Cyprus licence.

Application has to be made in person at the District Offices of the Department of Transport or Citizen Service Centers (CSC) with the documents shown below. I would recommend the  Citizen Service Centers

If you already have a Cyprus driving licence you will require:
1) A completed TOM 7 application form – only available in Greek.
The form is is available and an English translation of the main headings can be downloaded pdf here.

2) A form TOM 153 already signed by a doctor, stating that you are fit to drive. This is in the main an eyesight test. Drivers require a medical on reaching 70 years of age and each subsequent renewal.

Staff will take a photo.

Drivers will be issued with a temporary paper licence. The temporary license will entitle the holder to DRIVE ONLY IN THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS until the arrival of the photo-card licence. You will be notified when the new licence is available for collection at the District Offices of the Department of Transport for your area.

Cyprus temporary driving licence

The licence is normally valid for three years.

The earliest a driving licence can be renewed is within the last month before the expiry of the old one.

If you don’t have a Cyprus licence then the document requirements are listed on the Cyprus Driving Licence page.

Moped Licences

driving licence

Cyprus, UK & EU

Only Cyprus residents who can prove they have lived in the country for six months are eligible to apply for a Cyprus Driving Licence or take any Cyprus Driving Test. This is to comply with EU directives.

UK Moped licence

The definition of moped changed several times depending on when you obtained your licence: These are the definitions from June 1990. Prior to that Moped was group E.


Moped – Motor vehicles with fewer than 4 wheels which, if propelled by an internal combustion engine, has a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50cc and, if not equipped with pedals by means of which the vehicle is capable of being propelled, has a maximum design speed not exceeding 25km/h.


Moped – Motor vehicles with fewer than 4 wheels with a maximum design speed exceeding 45 kilometres per hour (km/h) but not exceeding 50km/h and which, if propelled by an internal combustion engine, has a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50cc.

Cyprus Moped licence.

Prior 13 January 2013 the category was I/j and has to be entered on the licence. The UK CBT has no validity in Cyprus.

AM – The Current EU catagory & definition of a moped

Moped – 2-wheel vehicles or 3-wheel vehicles with a maximum design speed of over 25km/h and not more than 45km/h. Light quadricycle With an unladen mass of not more than 350kg, not including the mass of the batteries in the case of electric vehicles, whose maximum design speed is over 25km/h and not more than 45km/h.

Does my UK licence allow me to ride a moped ?

If you have a full entitlement to ride a moped (q,p,AM) it will be stated on the rear of the plastic part of the licence.

As your photo card licence is renewed the category will be updated to the new designation and the old licence category is listed at the bottom of the licence.

UK Provisional Licence:

If you have a provisional entitlement for Moped the appropriate category (q,p,AM) will be on the counterpart licence.

Does my EU licence allow me to ride a moped ?

If you have an entitlement to ride a moped it will be stated on the licence. The catagory will vary depending on when and in which country your licence was issued. It has now been standarized to AM throughout the EU.

If the catagory not listed on your UK, EU or Cyprus licence then you can’t ride a moped.