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Cyprus to introduce stricter criteria for older drivers –

The Law Office of the Republic is looking over proposed legislation on the tests drivers aged over 70 will need to undergo to be allowed to stay on the road.

Speaking to ACTIVE radio on Friday, Communications Minister Marios Demetriades said the proposed legislation included more frequent checks to ensure elderly drivers fulfilled a

The proposal has become even more timely, the minister noted, in light of Thursday’s hit-and-run incident which has seen a 76-year-old man remanded in custody on suspicion of hitting a cyclist and fleeing the scene. The cyclist, 33-year-old Panagiotis Hadjinikolas from Zakaki, was killed.

The House, Demetriades also revealed is, in addition, reviewing another law on cyclists.

This legislation, he said, aimed to better protect cyclists while also setting out exactly how they should behave on the road.

“This legislation was submitted to the House months ago,” Demetriades said, adding he believed it should be approved as soon as possible “to be able to provide cyclist safety through the law”.

number of criteria.


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Cyprus LPG prices way above EU average – Cyprus Mail

Prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are 43 per cent higher in Cyprus than in other EU countries, the House commerce committee heard on Tuesday, only a month after supply became available to the local market.

While EU average prices are €0.55 per litre, the selling price in Cyprus is €0.78 per litre, head of the consumers union Loucas Aristodimou said during the session

Currently, two stations offer LPG, both of which are based in Nicosia and began supplying last month, MPs heard.

 Disy MP Andreas Kyprianou said around 350 vehicles currently use LPG as fuel


Source: Cyprus LPG prices way above EU average – Cyprus Mail

Driving school for repeat traffic violators –

Repeat traffic violators will have the opportunity of dodging criminal procedures if they opt to attend advance road safety driving lessons.

Drivers that have collected 10-12 penalty points on their driver’s licence will be sent to the classroom to attend road behaviour lessons instead of being sent to court, a system which seems to have remarkable results abroad.

The creation of a driver’s training school was passed by the Cabinet in June and will operate under the supervision of the Justice Ministry.

Statistics show that Cypriots are repeat offenders with 200,000 drivers being booked each year for traffic violations.

A typical example of the situation is last Wednesday’s police operation from 20:00 until 03:00 on Thursday morning.

A total of 209 bookings were made, 105 of which were speed violations, 29 for traffic light violations, 33 for using mobile telephones while a stolen motorbike was also recovered.

Traffic violators will follow a specialised series of lessons, prepared by the Justice Ministry, in line with their violations.

The classes are aimed at combatting dangerous road behaviour and to educate violating motorists in correct driving principles and attitudes.

The school will be responsible for conducting specialised courses for traffic violators, conduct practical examinations at the close of lessons. It will issue a relevant certificate of attendance and inform the police and courts of such. Failure to attend or complete a course will be regarded as a violation.

The school will also be responsible for cooperation with educational and other stakeholders in Cyprus and abroad in the promotion of research and the development of new and specialised training programmes and the adoption of good practices based on scientific research.

The classes will be available to persons with court referral following traffic violations, motorists who have had their licences revoked, motorists who have 12 penalty points or more on their driver’s licence and motorists with 10 penalty points on their licence and who volunteer to attend lessons.

The government’s traffic safety strategy includes the introduction of a driver’s education class in Lyceums and a new communications strategy aimed at youth with regards to road safety.

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Police against highway speed limit rise –

The Public Works Department and police do not support the maximum speed limit on Cyprus highways being raised from the current 100km/h to 120km/h.

The government’s Road Safety Council had last called for a study on the issue to be prepared since it is widely if not officially acknowledged that the police already generally turn a blind eye to drivers on the highway speeding at up to 120km/h since all the country’s highways have at least two lanes of traffic.

The Public Works Department is still working on the report which will feature the opinions of all the relevant stakeholders but Phileleftheros on Tuesday reported that the Department itself as well as the police have already indicted they are against the idea.

The Public Works Department has raised objections noting that the highways were designed and constructed based on specific criteria taking into account that cars would be travelling at no more than 100km/h. Raising the speed limit would lead to the need for changes to the points of entrance into and exit from the highway, the Department says.

The police, meanwhile, are concerned a higher speed limit will encourage drivers to reach even higher speeds as they expect the same room for leeway they currently enjoy.

The Traffic Police note that Cyprus has amongst the safest highways in Europe with less than five fatalities per year and say changing the speed limit will make them far more perilous.

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Kornos highway entrance a death trap –

Any time Kornos residents, and other drivers, attempt to enter the Limassol-Nicosia highway they require luck to make it unscathed.

The highway entrance at Kornos is badly designed, as the Ministry of Transport itself acknowledges, making it highly dangerous.

The entrance lane drivers from Kornos must use to merge into the highway is only 50 metres long, making it nearly impossible to gain the necessary speed to enter the 100 kilometre per hour highway.

In addition, it does not give the opportunity to drivers occupying the left lane to move to the right lane, thus allowing the Kornos drivers to enter the left lane.

As a result, the Kornos drivers are either forced to drive on the side of the highway until the left lane is freed, or they must take a chance to merge onto the highway without being up to speed, endangering themselves and other drivers.

Source: Kornos highway entrance a death trap –

Most Cyprus lorries and buses fail traffic standards –

Major traffic police inspections have unveiled that most of the buses and lorries in Cyprus are in violation of traffic regulations

According to the latest figures, one in three lorries that were stopped for inspections were cited for various violations while the situation was more dire for buses which found most of them to have violated a traffic law in one shape or form.

The major campaign between July 24 and 30 in Cyprus was part of a wider European initiative by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL).

A total of 776 heavy vehicles were inspected out of which 305 were cited. A total of 104 inspections were made on buses during which 84 were cited for various violations while 672 lorries were inspected out of which 222 were cited for various violations.

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Cyprus pledges to fix deadly road (PICTURES) –

The Cyprus government has pledged €60 million to improve a stetch of road leading into Troodos which has claimed the lives of eight people since 2011.

The most recent road fatality along the 11km Astromeritis to Evrychou road occured on Friday and saw 21-year-old Astromeritis resident Pantelis Demou killed when his car overturned.

His death prompted a renewed call for action and the creation of a proper motorway (as opposed to the single carriageway) in the area between Astromeritis and Evrychou and particularly including the perilous 11km stretch between Astromeritis and Atsas.

Communications Minister Marios Demetriades on Tuesday promised residents of the area that he would by the end of this year “instruct the Finance Mnsitry to include the project in the State Budget” for 2019.

Source: Cyprus pledges to fix deadly road (PICTURES) –

Welcome expansion to citizen service centres – Cyprus Mail

An additional four citizen service centres will open by January 2018 in Kolossi, Latsia, Limassol and Larnaca, while another one is scheduled to open in Paphos later in 2018, head of the centres Maria Alexandrou said on Wednesday. Eleven years after the operation of the first centre in Nicosia, the institution has evolved significantly in […]

Source: Welcome expansion to citizen service centres – Cyprus Mail

Driving abroad? Behave, the fine will follow you home – Cyprus Mail

Committing a traffic offence in an EU country can soon mean the fine will follow you home. EU parliament explains how in the following video. Driving abroad this summer? Behave, because the fine will follow you home! Check out our video ? ↓ — European Parliament (@Europarl_EN) July 24, 2017 Print Friendly

Source: Driving abroad? Behave, the fine will follow you home – Cyprus Mail