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VW’s diesels among cleanest and 70% of cars don’t meet 2017 benchmark

Just 30 per cent of all new diesel models on sale that it tested would produce nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels low enough to pass emissions laws for type approval of brand-new cars from next year.

Source: VW’s diesels among cleanest and 70% of cars don’t meet 2017 benchmark

Traffic cameras stumble on collection concerns


A DRAFT bill prepared by the Electromechanical Services Department for the introduction of 110 traffic cameras to capture speed-limit violations has stumbled on who will manage delivery and payment of speeding tickets, a source has told the Cyprus Mail.

According to the source, the bill has been prepared and forwarded to the Legal Service for review. It calls for the purchase of 90 fixed cameras, as well as 20 mobile ones, that will take pictures of speeders and record the violation.

“This is a measure to catch and punish speeding drivers – no seat-belts, no mobile phone use, they will only capture speeding,” the source said.

But the effort appears to stumble on who will undertake delivering the speeding tickets issued by the cameras, with police wanting as little involvement with the operation of the cameras as possible.

As a result of the police’s reluctance to engage, the bill calls for the operation of the cameras by the contractor that will install them.
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Road Tax Renewal for 2016

Road Tax renewal will commence on January 7th and will end on Thursday, March 10th Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announced on today.

Full details of how to apply can be found on this site.

Drive safely and save lives this Christmas

With the recent increased numbers of drunk-driving incidents and the peak holiday season approaching, road safety has become a pressing topic for local police.

With family feasts and visits to friends on the increase, the Limassol Police Department has implemented several measures to ensure it will be a safe festive period.

“We urge the public to be proactive, drive responsibly and use a designated driver among people who do want to drink alcohol while out on the road,” says Limassol Police Chief Kypros Michaelides in an interview with The Cyprus Weekly.

Orders have been given to the traffic department to focus on alcohol tests and speeding offences and an awareness-raising campaign, supported by various organisations including ‘Reaction’, has been running.

The spots explain traffic codes and regulations and caution members of the public about the dangers of drunk driving.

There is a specific programme put into place by the Limassol Police Department over the holiday period which also includes an increased check on gambling, more mobile patrols throughout town and foot patrols in shopping areas.

Even though there is no information on any threats of terrorism, precautionary measures have also been taken in this area, with armed officers and mobile armed patrols in high-traffic areas.

The already successful neighbourhood watch system is being instructed to be more active and vigilant during the holiday season to prevent burglaries and protect properties and lives. Leaflets with tips and warnings are circulated by its members.

In the new year, 300 more police officers will be employed as agreed by the Ministry of Finance following the retirement of many officers in recent years.

“Meanwhile, the police department aims to do more with less to keep the Limassol district safe,” says the Limassol Chief Police Officer.

In ending his talk with The Cyprus Weekly, Michaelides wanted to extend his wishes for a safe Christmas, asking citizens to obey traffic laws and regulations and respect orders by police officers in order to keep secure.

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