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Errors causing high road tax gets corrected

Cyprus motorists have been paying higher road taxes by mistake but that’s about to change following a vote in the House on Thursday cutting rates starting after the middle of 2016.

Parliament passed an amendment unanimously in a move to correct previously jacked up rates on road tax, where two out of five categories had been calculating tax with the wrong factor.

In the category of pickup trucks, the road tax charge will drop by 30%. It is currently being factored by 10 cents per square centimetre but it will drop down to seven next summer.

Also, late payments were being assessed a fee of 10% on the whole amount, instead of the balance amount. Next summer, the 10% late fee will be calculated only on the late balance due.

Another change concerns older cars, registered prior to 24 November 2003, where vehicle onwers had to pay between €700 and €1000. Starting next summer, the maximum fee in this category will be €300.

License plate registration will also be possible now every three months instead of the mandatory six months or one year. This actually would not be a cost reduction for the tax payer, but it would give more options for people on a strict budget.

The final change concerns those who let their car registration remain expired for up to three years. Instead of having their vehicles scrapped from the database, now owners can make payments in twelve equal instalments and get their cars back on the road legally.

The revenue amount lost with this new law is estimated at €2 million compared to last year, but the amount will be made up to a degree by increased prices on license plate registration.

The new road tax rates are effective immediately, however it will take until summer 2016 until the software is updated. Until then, current road tax rates apply.

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Minister advocates law change for death crashes

Minister of Justice and Public Order: Of particular importance to amend the Penal Code for causing death due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or due to excessive speed

The proposal Law on the Criminal Code for creation of statutory offense of causing death due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and speeding, which he had put on his tenure as MP and redeposited by the Parliamentary Committee on Legal discussed today the Minister of Justice and Public Order Mr. Ionas Nicolaou, before the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs. Mr. Nicholas stressed that instead of demanding to be cumulative having two root causes driving, recommended the configuration that causes the offense to be fulfilled alternatively where the main cause of the deadly rolling caused either due to excessive speed or due to overuse alcohol or drugs.

Speaking after the debate, Mr. Nicholas said: “I expressed my views on the proposal, which remain the same as when we tabled as a Member. This is extremely important subject. The proposal was drawn up then a result of a tragic automobile accident, when a young person who while he was on the sidewalk, passing driver speeding, and under the influence of alcohol deprived life. Since then, unfortunately, there were other similar incidents, the last of the fatal accident that occurred recently in Limassol, where also guide driving too fast under the influence of alcohol and after drug use, deprived life of a young, of which vehicle was stopped at the traffic lights. In view of these circumstances and the drivers behavior experiences, taking up my duties as Minister, judged as the law proposal changed that, instead of demanding to be cumulative, the existence of two major traffic accidents causing causes, ie the influence of alcohol or drugs and speeding, be configured to the offense be imposed in cases where the main causes there are disjunctive. That is, the punishment for the offense of statutory manslaughter with imprisonment up to 10 years, where it is found that the main cause of the deadly accident was either excessive speed or excessive use of alcohol or drug use. Continue reading Minister advocates law change for death crashes

Forty five people died on the roads so far this year

So far this year 45 people have died in road  accidents and while drivers continue to speed, measures to reduce the accidents is moving at a snail’s pace, House communication and works chairman Antonis Antoniou said on Thursday

During the session he announced that by the end of the year there would be a call for tender for new traffic camera systems across the country.

Already installed in Grivas Dighenis Avenue in Nicosia, the system has brought the state €1.5 million in income within 15 months through fines compared to installation costs that were €80,000 while streets with traffic cameras have seen 50 per cent fall in accidents, Antoniou added.

DISY MP Andreas Michaelides however said that it doesn’t matter how many measures are taken, if people’s mentality doesn’t change to follow road safety rules then the list of those dying on the street would  continue to remain a nightmare for everyone.

According to him, the three most dangerous types of drivers are youths under the age of 25, foreigners and bikers.

AKEL MP Christakis Giovanis added that in countries with traffic camera systems, the number of road deaths fall by 40 per cent.

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Traffic cop faces bribery charges

AN officer of the Famagusta traffic police was arrested on Wednesday in connection with a case of embezzlement of public funds and bribery.

According to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the officer was reported that last Thursday, while on traffic control duty at the Larnaca-Ayia Napa motorway, he asked a tourist, whose breathalyser showed more than double the permitted alcohol consumption limit, to give him €100 so that he would not slap him with the €300 fine, provided by law for such cases.

The tourist reportedly gave him all the money he had on him, around €90, and the officer let him go. He later reported the officer to the police.

The officer faces charges for bribery, money extortion by a civil servant to show favour, abuse of power, and breach of trust.

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Roads Policing method yields good results so far


The Roads Policing is a modern, international policing method, which effectively contributes to the prevention of road traffic collisions and generally in tackling crime. The Cyprus Police implemented road policing in order to tackle crime and through traffic police checks carried out on the roads.

This method is based on the fact that persons who commit any kind of crimes / offenses are likely to be drivers.

The results of the implementation of road policing nationwide by the members of the Traffic Police in collaboration with other departments and services, for the first half of 2015 are as follows:

Illegal Aliens
Search Drugs / Controlled drugs
Illegal possession of weapons / explosives / offensive organs
Swag property / illegal occupation of property
Stolen vehicle / unlawful possession of a vehicle / vehicle searched
Wanted / searched / Missing Person
Possession disintegrator tools
Other offenses

Baby killed in crash


A fatal car crash occurred yesterday in Nicosia, in which eight month old Nefeli Ntantof died.

Around 6.20pm yesterday, on the Kokkinotrimithia – Nicosia highway when the car being driven by the 32-year old mother, left the road and hit the retaining wall, guardrail, traffic sign and railing separating the road and stopped in the right hand lane.

Around 2:15 a.m. Nefeli succumbed to the injuries while hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Makarios Hospital.

from examinations at the scene of the crash, it appears that the driver of the vehicle was wearing a seat belt, while the baby was sitting in a special child seat and was attached to the restraint.

Police appealed to any who knows anything about the circumstances causing the accident, contact the Traffic Nicosia by phone 22802083 and 22802023 or the nearest police station, or Line Communications Ombudsman, the phone number 1460.

The Traffic Nicosia investigate what caused the accident.

Police motorcyclist seriously injured


Around 3.10 yesterday afternoon a police motorcyclist was seriously injured whilst riding a police motorcycle.

The collision occurred at the junction of Rigenis with Vassilis Michailidis, Paphos, and involved a car driven by a 43 year old resident of Paphos.

The drivers of both vehicles were transported by ambulances to Paphos General Hospital where it was discovered that the driver of the car suffered neck contusion and was detained for treatment, while the policeman suffered skull fracture, subdural hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage and several bruises and abrasions. His condition is serious.

Arrested for driving at 117 kph in 50 kph limit


Members of the Traffic Police, Limassol carried out checks in various parts of the city as part of targeted campaign for the prevention of fatal and serious accidents.

During the campaign there were 90 complaints for speeding, 2 complaints for illegal parking in disabled spaces, 30 offences for various other traffic offecses.

Thirteen drivers were issued warnings.

A total of 152 vehicles and 13 motorcycles and mopeds were tested.

Meanwhile in Paphos members of the Traffic Police arrested two persons driving at 117kph in a 50 kph limit.