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Latsia police checks detect 99 offences

ford cypolice 721024Between 1pm – 11 pm yesterday, Police from Latsia  conducted a  widespread operation in Latsia area.

During that time hundreds of motor vehicles were checked and police detected 99 offences for the following road traffic offences:

  • 70 for speeding
  • 17 for violating a traffic signal
  • 6 for parking in handicapped spaces and
  • 6 for other traffic offences

Limassol campaign nets 157 offences

The Traffic Department Special Motorcycle Unit  (E.O.MO.), yesterday conducted a campaign between the hours of 6am – 8pm on the Limassol highway and surrounding and secondary roads.

During the campaign, there were hundreds of motor vehicle and persons checked and detected the following 157 road traffic offenses:

  • 39 for not wearing seat-belt
  • 36 for speeding
  • 8 for cell phone use while driving
  • 8 for driving without registration, MOT, driving license and a safety certificate
  • 66 for various other traffic offenses

Campaign to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol

To address the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol, the police announced a national campaign starting today.

This is the second campaign of this kind this year, which runs from April 4 until April 10, 2016.

During the campaign, will be held throughout the day, intensive alcohol tests to drivers in the entire road network of the Republic of Cyprus.

Police checks as pupils return to school

school sign
Police carried out traffic checks near schools in Limassol yesterday in an effort to crack down on juvenile delinquency.

Forty five cars and one hundred and ten motorcycles were checked and seventy six offences detected.

A motorcycle was seized and one person was arrested for driving without insurance, no driver’s licence, etc..