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More than 14,000 booked for traffic offences in March – Cyprus Mail

Between March 1 and 26 police booked 369 people for drunk driving out of 4,464 drivers who were checked, while almost 7,000 were caught speeding, and 6,675 for other traffic offences, they said on Sunday. They also conducted 2,348 inspections in nightclubs, and booked 372 for offences related to the law on recreation centres, which […]

Source: More than 14,000 booked for traffic offences in March – Cyprus Mail

Driver reported for smoking with child in car – Cyprus Mail

Police said Thursday, that among a number of other motorists booked for a variety of offences, they had reported a man for smoking in his car in the presence of a child. “Officers from headquarters traffic department’s special motorcycle squad in cooperation with members of the Limassol traffic police and Avdimou’s road accident prevention unit […]

Source: Driver reported for smoking with child in car – Cyprus Mail Cyprus Mail

Road safety laws set to be strengthened – Cyprus News

New legislation set to be enforced next year will see doctors facing criminal charges if they falsify health records for senior citizens trying to renew their driving licences.

This is one of the ten measures that the Communications Ministry will be promoting in order to beef up road safety.

Other measures include the introduction of the narcotest in 2017. Tender candidates have already been called upon to supply the necessary equipment.

Another measure to be introduced is road surface lighting while a variety of amendments are set to affect driver’s licences.

A predetermined amount of compulsory driving tests and a compulsory theory test will need to be completed successfully before a candidate attempts to take their driving test. At the same time, the minimum age of obtaining a learner’s driver’s licence will be reduced from the current 17,5 to 17.

Senior citizens will also see procedures change in the way they are able to renew their driver’s licence, with the biggest change affecting doctors who could face criminal charges if they falsify health certificates.

Drastic changes are also in tune for driving schools and the way they operate. A school for driving instructors is set to be created ensuring that instructors are thoroughly trained and certified.

The Public Works Department has also prepared a study for so-called ‘dark spots’, problematic areas where large numbers of accidents have been recorded, where a number of improvements will be made to bolster road safety.

Next year will also see the introduction of car seats in nursery school buses for their students.

Almost 3,000 drivers caught illegally parking in spaces for the disabled last year   – Cyprus Mail

In 2015, police booked 2,965 drivers for parking in spaces assigned for disabled persons out of a total number of parking offences of 3,574, they said on Saturday. They also said that in the first six months of this year, there were 1,103 cases of parking in disabled spots out of a total of 3,695 […]

Source: Almost 3,000 drivers caught illegally parking in spaces for the disabled last year   – Cyprus Mail

Cyprus second in Europe for drink driving – InCyprus


Motorists in Cyprus have come second in Europe when it comes to being caught driving under the influence of alcohol, a new EU study has found.

According to a recent study by Road Safety Performance Index (PIN,) 36.6% of the motorists checked by police on the island were found to be over the limit between 2010 and 2015. The same figures show that Cyprus came in second behind the UK in DUI offences.

The report also found that there had been an increase in the number of drivers in Cyprus found to be speeding in the last five years although the installation of speed cameras could have also attributed to the rise in those figures.

There is better news when it comes to wearing seatbelts with Cyprus showing a highly significant 49% decrease in the number of drivers caught not wearing theirs between 2010 and 2015.

There is also good news when it comes to the use of mobile phones while driving with the number of people being caught offending dropping by 56% between 2010 and 2015. The report also noted that using a mobile phone while driving had been found to affect driving performances just as much as having blood alcohol levels of 80mg/ml.

On a Europe-wide level, the report said that speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or while distracted, and not wearing a seat belt continue to be the main factors in causing traffic accidents.

Speeding in particular is said to be attributed to one third of road deaths and a significant factor in other accidents with non-fatal consequences.

DIU driving is held accountable for one quarter of road deaths in the EU with the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) estimates that some 900 lives would have been saved every year, if 99% of drivers and their passengers worse seat belts. This, ETSC, suggests could be achieved in seat belt reminders in cars applied to all the seats being used, not just the drivers.