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Traffic Laws, Offences, Fines and Points

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Here is a list of the main traffic offences in Cyprus.

This list is not exhaustive but is a guide.

The main law was updated on the 5th November 2010. The definitive Government publication in Greek can be downloaded here. An addendum regarding speeding and drink driving was made on the 15th June 2012.

It should be noted that Municipalities and similar entity’s are able enact laws and impose fines.

Some of the offences listed without penalty points may attract them at a later date.

On reaching twelve penalty points the courts will normally disqualify a driver from driving and suspend the driving licence. Currently penalty points are removed three years after the day on which they were imposed.

Payment of Traffic Fines

Traffic fines are not paid to the officer at the roadside. To see the payment methods available, check the link on this site.

Drink driving.

Most Drivers.

The limit is lower than England and Wales and the same as Scotland at 22 micrograms per 100 ml of breath (50 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood).

High Risk Groups Have a Lower Limit.

Novice drivers, motorcycles, trucks, buses, taxis and vehicles transporting hazardous cargoes are limited to 9 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath (20 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood).

  • The reading from 23 to 35 micrograms – fine €100 – 0 – 2 penalty points
  • reading 36 to 55 micrograms -fine €200 – 2 – 4 penalty points
  • reading 56 to 70 micrograms – fine €300 – 3 – 6 penalty points
  • Over 71 micrograms – Prison or fine between €150 – €400 will be determined by the court – 3 – 6 penalty points
  • Drunk in charge of a vehicle. Determined by the court


  • Speeds between up to 30% over the limit – fine €1 per km/h – 0 – 2 penalty points
  • Speeds between between 31% and 50% over the limit – fine €2 per km/h – 2 – 4 penalty points
  • Speeds between between 51% and 75% over the limit – fine €3 per km/h – 3 – 6 penalty points
  • Speeds over 75% – Determined by the court – 3 – 6 penalty points

Examples: Travelling at 130km/h in a 100km/h limit the fine would be €30 plus penalty points. Travelling at 131km/h in a 100km/h limit the fine would be €62 plus penalty points.

More detailed information can be found regarding the above can be found here.

Some Common Offences

  • Using a mobile telephone with their hands while driving – 2 – 4 points – fine €85
  • Eating or drinking while driving – points and fine as above.
  • Seat belts – omission: (a) installation (b) use by drivers and passengers – 2 – 4 points – fine €85
  • Not carrying a reflective warning triangle – fine €20
  • The writing, attaching or displaying of any object, for example a tax disc, on the windscreen of a vehicle is prohibited – fine – More information here.

Document Offences

  • No driving licence or no insurance – Determined by the court
  • No road tax (circulation licence) – Determined by the court
  • No MOT (Bi annual vehicle inspection) – Determined by the court
  • Registration Plate – Number plate infringements. Police have power to detain and remove vehicles not complying with the regulations – fine €85
  • Failing to notify change of ownership or sale of vehicle within 30 days. – fine

Motorcycle Offences

  • Motorcycle / Moped – Rider or Passenger – No helmet – 1 – 4 points – fine €85
  • Motorcycle / Moped – riding without dipped beam headlights illuminated – fine €50
  • Motorcycle / Moped – pillion under 12 years old – fine €25
  • Motorcycle / Moped – passenger being carried in front of driver – fine €25
  • Motorcycle / Moped – pillion not sitting astride vehicle – fine €25
  • Moped – driving on Highway – fine €85

Driving Offences

  • Causing death through dangerous driving – 5 -10 points – fine determined by the court
  • Dangerous driving – 3 – 6 points – fine determined by the court
  • Careless driving – 3 – 6 points – The fine will be determined by the court
  • Signalling – The driver failing to make signals – fine €25
  • Failing to stop after an accident – 5 – 10 penalty points – The fine will be determined by the court
  • Non-mechanical vehicle on motorways and high speed roads – fine €85
  • Failing – to comply with traffic lights – 2 – 4 penalty points – fine €85
  • Failing – to comply with directions given by a Police Officer – fine €55
  • Failing – to comply with directions given by traffic signs – fine €25
  • Failing – to stop or to conform to the signals of the traffic warden or Crossing Patrol at a school crossing – fine €55
  • Failing – to stop and allow precedence to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing – fine €85
  • Driving the wrong way down a one way road. – fine €25
  • Failing – to slow down to allow the safe passage of other vehicles or traffic – fine €55
  • Overtaking on the left, on a bridge, top of a hill, opposite a junction, pedestrian crossing a continuous line or other sign – fine €55
  • Driving of motor vehicles in a pedestrian street – fine €55
  • Illegal entry of motor vehicles on the road with restrictions on the movement of motor vehicles – fine €55
  • Priority – driver who does not give priority to vehicles coming from the right at junctions with main road or at controlled crossings or who drives into main road without stopping or slowing down – fine €55
  • Unnecessary reversing – fine €25
  • Unnecessary use of horn in built up areas – fine €25

Construction and Use Offences

  • Cargo – passenger vehicle carrying bulky and hazardous cargo in a vehicle – fine €50
  • Dangerous load or overhang. (More than 10% of vehicles length) – fine €50
  • Shipments – which project or are hazardous – fine €50
  • Driving a motor vehicle which has been modified,changed or adapted – fine
  • Tyre (tire) – dangerous or defective. More Tyre Information (.pdf) – €25
  • Silencers – or lack of silencer system – 2 – 4 points – fine €50
  • Silencers – Using the vehicle with excessive smoke – 2 – 4 points – fine €50
  • Mirrors – infringement regarding reflex mirrors – fine €25
  • Windows – windscreen washers / wipers non-existent or defective – fine €25
  • Windows – glass windows with limited visibility – fine

Other Offences

  • Smoking – in private motor vehicle, with a person under the age of sixteen in the vehicle – fine €85
  • Smoking – in public vehicle – fine €85
  • Smoking – in designated public places where smoking is prohibited – fine
  • Obstruction – of the highway with a motor vehicle – fine €85
  • Obstruction – most other forms of obstruction – fine €50
  • Obstruction – Heavy vehicles – a truck driver or bus does not stop and allow the other traffic to pass – fine €25
  • Parking – Within 10 meters of a junction, within 15 meters of a pedestrian crossing, near traffic lights, on the pavement, on a bus stop or disabled bay – fine €85.
  • Parking facing other than in the direction of traffic flow. This applies at any time day or night even if it is in a permitted parking place – fine €85
  • Driver – who is in an irregular position inside the vehicle or raises his hand from the steering wheel unnecessarily – fine €25
  • Passengers – not sitting in fixed seats, obstructs or interferes with the normal operation of the vehicle or is making signs or gestures could be seen as traffic signals – fine €25
  • Doors – person who opens the door of a vehicle in a manner unsafe or disturbing for other vehicles or leaves the door open making another vehicles movement excessive – fine €25
  • Lights – offences relating to parking lights and placing of a reflective warning triangle – fine €25
  • Lights – offences relating to motor vehicle headlamps – fine €25
  • Dropping litter – fine
  • Taxi Fares – taxi driver fails have a table of charges in a prominent place in the taxi – fine €25

Learning to drive

  • Learner Driver – failing to display E plate – fine €25
  • Learner Driver – driver of a vehicle carrying passengers other than the supervisor – fine €25
  • Learner Driver – driver who is not accompanied by a licensed driver – fine €25
  • Learner Driver – on highway not accompanied by a Cyprus Registered driving instructor – fine
  • Learner Driver – motorcycle driver carrying passengers other than the supervisor – fine €25

Speed Limits

speed limits

There are several things you should know about speed limits in Cyprus.

The sign indicating you are entering a limit will normally only be displayed on your side of the road.

Having entered a posted limit, you will very rarely find the small repeater signs that you see in the UK. The next sign you will see may be a change in speed limit or when you pass over a municipal boundary.

It is often not clear when a speed limit ceases to apply. You will rarely see a de-restriction sign. There are long stretches of road which could be de-restricted, because of the layout and lack of hazards, but the last limit still appears to apply.

I generally use the sign governing the speed limit for the opposing traffic as a guide for when the de-restriction starts. However this is not foolproof as there are examples where, according to the signs, the opposing traffic on the same road is governed by a different speed limit to you.

Speed limits posted at hazards, such as bends, are usually advisory in the UK. In Cyprus they are technically mandatory and must be obeyed. They are often placed with little thought as to their purpose or the affect they will have on traffic. You will not find many of the locals adhering to them.

Be careful of your speed.

The maximum speed limit allowed is lower than in the UK and can lead to impatience and an itchy right foot.

All speed limits in Cyprus are posted in Kilometers per hour (Kph)

Type of RoadSignApprox.
highway signMaximum speed limit10062
Minimum speed limit6540
Built up Areas:urbanMaximum speed limit5031
Country Roads:Maximum speed limit6540

men working

Maximum speed limit
Roadworks, bends etc.
National Speed
Maximum speed limit8050
National Speed
Limit applies: