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Never Too Good | Episode 4

In our final video Chaz, Alan and the gang have covered hundreds of miles and honed their road riding skills. If you’re interested in taking a course and improving your riding skills, check out the schemes available here: <a class=”yt-uix-sessionlink ” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” data-url=”” data-sessionlink=”ei=hMsDV6HADqGWiwbe_LzQBg”>…</a> Because nobody’s too good to be a better rider.

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Never too good | Episode 3 : Roadcraft

Check out our latest video of Chaz &amp; Alan’s weekend taking further training. This time they’re getting their heads around Roadcraft and why its so important to riding safely. Then the whole crew are out on the road for one-on-one feedback from the instructors. Do you think you could benefit from some individual observation? Find out more about further training: <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>…

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Never too good | Episode 2 : Look, Lean and Roll

Superbike legend Chaz Davies, funnyman Alan Davies and the gang continue their further training. In this episode they take to the track and learn to Look Lean and Roll.
For more information on further training go to: <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

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Never Too Good | Episode 1: Back To School

Chaz Davies is a world champion motorcycle racer. But, amazingly, he only passed his road test this summer. Along with Alan Davies, comedian and bike racing nut, he’s going back to school to do a further training course. In this episode they meet up with fellow bikers in the Cotswold’s and get the first assessment of their road riding skills.

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Thames Valley Police Advanced Motorcycle Rider.

An aerial view of a Thames Valley Police Traffic Motorcyclist on an advanced ride.
There is a commentary accompanying the ride.

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Motorcycle Roadcraft 1977

Motorcycle Roadcraft has evolved over the years.

The current publication is dated 1996. The car drivers Roadcraft was updated at the end of 2007. The wording has changed slightly and the system is as found here.

Although the wording has changed the information in this video is still very good advice.

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