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Repeat traffic violators will have the opportunity of dodging criminal procedures if they opt to attend advance road safety driving lessons.

Drivers that have collected 10-12 penalty points on their driver’s licence will be sent to the classroom to attend road behaviour lessons instead of being sent to court, a system which seems to have remarkable results abroad.

The creation of a driver’s training school was passed by the Cabinet in June and will operate under the supervision of the Justice Ministry.

Statistics show that Cypriots are repeat offenders with 200,000 drivers being booked each year for traffic violations.

A typical example of the situation is last Wednesday’s police operation from 20:00 until 03:00 on Thursday morning.

A total of 209 bookings were made, 105 of which were speed violations, 29 for traffic light violations, 33 for using mobile telephones while a stolen motorbike was also recovered.

Traffic violators will follow a specialised series of lessons, prepared by the Justice Ministry, in line with their violations.

The classes are aimed at combatting dangerous road behaviour and to educate violating motorists in correct driving principles and attitudes.

The school will be responsible for conducting specialised courses for traffic violators, conduct practical examinations at the close of lessons. It will issue a relevant certificate of attendance and inform the police and courts of such. Failure to attend or complete a course will be regarded as a violation.

The school will also be responsible for cooperation with educational and other stakeholders in Cyprus and abroad in the promotion of research and the development of new and specialised training programmes and the adoption of good practices based on scientific research.

The classes will be available to persons with court referral following traffic violations, motorists who have had their licences revoked, motorists who have 12 penalty points or more on their driver’s licence and motorists with 10 penalty points on their licence and who volunteer to attend lessons.

The government’s traffic safety strategy includes the introduction of a driver’s education class in Lyceums and a new communications strategy aimed at youth with regards to road safety.

Source: Driving school for repeat traffic violators – in-cyprus.com