Over 850 drivers booked for traffic offences over the holiday – Cyprus Mail

Eleven people were booked for driving under the influence of drugs over the holiday period.

In just four days there were 854 bookings for drunk driving, speeding, using a mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt. Among the offences, 11 were drug-related.

Head of traffic police Yiannis Georgiou called the number “worrying” and noted how dangerous it was to drive while intoxicated in any form.

“When you are under the influence of drugs you are a certain road danger,” he said.

“In line with these circumstances the force will decide on more drastic measures to reduce road deaths,” the traffic police chief added on Friday.

This year recorded the highest number of road deaths in two years with a toll of 51.

A bill to increase the fines related to traffic offences is expected to go to the plenum in January and be implemented by February.

Also, a total of 110 traffic cameras will be installed on the roads next year.

The new bill foresees penalty rises for hit and runs, running a red light, parking on pavements and taking parking spots reserved for disabled people in addition to speeding and drink driving.

Police will also introduce vehicle seizures, lower alcohol levels for drivers who had their licence suspended after completing 12 penalty points and enable courts to issue driving bans pending an investigation.


Source: Over 850 drivers booked for traffic offences over the holiday – Cyprus Mail

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