Police against highway speed limit rise – in-cyprus.com

The Public Works Department and police do not support the maximum speed limit on Cyprus highways being raised from the current 100km/h to 120km/h.

The government’s Road Safety Council had last called for a study on the issue to be prepared since it is widely if not officially acknowledged that the police already generally turn a blind eye to drivers on the highway speeding at up to 120km/h since all the country’s highways have at least two lanes of traffic.

The Public Works Department is still working on the report which will feature the opinions of all the relevant stakeholders but Phileleftheros on Tuesday reported that the Department itself as well as the police have already indicted they are against the idea.

The Public Works Department has raised objections noting that the highways were designed and constructed based on specific criteria taking into account that cars would be travelling at no more than 100km/h. Raising the speed limit would lead to the need for changes to the points of entrance into and exit from the highway, the Department says.

The police, meanwhile, are concerned a higher speed limit will encourage drivers to reach even higher speeds as they expect the same room for leeway they currently enjoy.

The Traffic Police note that Cyprus has amongst the safest highways in Europe with less than five fatalities per year and say changing the speed limit will make them far more perilous.

Source: Police against highway speed limit rise – in-cyprus.com