Recycling and Scrapping of Vehicles in Cyprus

Recycling and Scrapping of Vehicles in Cyprus.

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The laying of end-of-Life (harmonizing) Act 2003

Regulates the environmental management of vehicles reaching the end of its useful life (they are discarded).

At this stage, the Law applies to vehicles belonging to category M1 and N1 (ie, small cars and small commercial) and to motor vehicles.

Under the Act, each vehicle reaches the end of his life (shall then be referred to as “OTZ”) should not be discarded but should receive proper environmental treatment for the reuse of parts or recycling of constituent materials. The treatment must be made in establishments licensed for this purpose.

The licensed premises operating in Cyprus are:
Licensed Installation Tel No. Fax No. Location
1 Economidies Metal Recycling Ltd 22466180 22432154 Industrial Area Tseriou
2 N. & C. Kolokotronis Parts & Recycling Old Car 22511214 & 22425506 22316494 Industrial Area Tseriou
3 Epiphaniou Scrap Metals Ltd 22437281 & 22793390 22433270 & 22431534 Industrial Area Tseriou
4 Marios Charalambous Trade Old Metals Ltd 99608340 25569127 Vati, Limassol
5 Christos Pierides Scrap Metals Ltd 25395540 & 99645792 25399627 Vati, Limassol
6 AE Commodities Ltd 22466180 22432154 Industrial Area Tseriou
7 S. Kazepis Auto Recycling & Engineering Ltd 25579000 25578578 Vati, Limassol
8 Chrysanthos Antoniou & Sons Ltd 22438152 22348702 Kaimakli, Nicosia
9 E. B. T. Tryphon Ltd 99624213 Vati, Limassol


Each vehicle delivered to a licensed facility will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction which is necessary for the permanent removal of the vehicle from a register of vehicles of the Department of Road Transport. Otherwise, the vehicle is deemed to be outstanding and the owner of the vehicle must still pay the registration fee for three years.

Normally, treatment once at the facility is free, but check with the licensed instillation.

The Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department as the Competent Authority of the Act, arrange to meet both the obligations of licensed establishments, and owners.

Ο περί των Οχημάτων στο Τέλος του Κύκλου Ζωής τους (εναρμονιστικός) Νόμος του 2003(που στη συνέχεια θα αναφέρεται απλώς ως «ο Νόμος»), ρυθμίζει τα θέματα της περιβαλλοντικής διαχείρισης των οχημάτων που φτάνουν στο τέλος της ωφέλιμης ζωής τους (καθίστανται απόβλητα). Στο παρόν στάδιο, ο Νόμος εφαρμόζεται για οχήματα που εμπίπτουν στις κατηγορίες Μ1 και Ν1 (δηλ. μικρά επιβατικά και μικρά εμπορικά) καθώς και για τα τρίκυκλα οχήματα. Διαβάστε περισσότερα….

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