Speed and Safety

Speed and Safety

These are the key points to remember:

  • Do not drive at speed unless you are competent and it is safe to do so.
  • Be familiar with the controls and the handling characteristics of your vehicle – use the controls smoothly.
  • High speed driving requires maximum alertness. If you cannot achieve a high level of attentiveness because of fatigue or some other cause, reduce your speed.
  • Always drive so you can stop on your own side of the road within the distance you can see to be clear, by day or night.
  • If you double your speed you quadruple your braking distance.
  • Put into practice the skills developed. They are designed to maximize safety.
  • Be aware of the onset of fatigue and take the appropriate action. Open a window or stop and take a break.
  • No emergency is so great that it justifies an accident. It is far better to arrive late than not at all.
  • To avoid having to speed and to reduce stress, plan to leave for your journey ten minutes earlier. This will allow you to arrive on time, safely and in a better condition.


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