Warning signs will alert drivers to traffic cameras | Cyprus Mail

Authorities will install signs warning motorists of the presence of traffic cameras and speed limits, according to an announcement issued on Monday.

This was decided during a meeting between the transport, justice and innovation ministers, the chief of police, and other involved parties.

The signs will be installed to warn drivers of fixed and mobile cameras, but also the legal speed limits in the areas of their operation.

The meeting also stressed the need to inform the public properly on how the system operates.

The system includes 90 fixed cameras in 30 locations around the island to cover black spots on the road network, as well as 20 mobile cameras which police will determine their location and operating hours daily.

Cameras will be installed in two phases: The first phase will include the installation and operation of another 16 mobile cameras and another 20 fixed ones; the second phase will include the installation of the remaining 66 fixed cameras.

Phase one should be up and running by July 2022 and phase three by June 2023. The contractor will maintain and operate the system for five years under the supervision of the police.

The system is currently operating on a pilot basis, with a number of cameras installed in busy junctions while mobile units are used where necessary.

No fines will be issued during this period with offenders however, receiving warnings.

Source: Warning signs will alert drivers to traffic cameras | Cyprus Mail