35,000 traffic camera fines unpaid | Cyprus Mail

The state appears to be in no rush to set up and launch more traffic cameras as 35,000 fines remain unpaid.

Tuesday marked another missed milestone in the timeline according to the contract signed by the company and the state.

It is understood that work is underway for another six traffic cameras – four in Nicosia and two in Limassol – but only two of them are ready to operate. Notably, 16 mobile unit cameras have arrived but not been deployed yet.

Of the 86,350 fines sent out by cameras so far about 40 per cent have not been paid and will therefore end up in court.

There are fears that those 35,000 cases along with the unpaid fines from covid will further clog up the courts. The racked-up fines are the result of just eight operational cameras.

The pilot phase began on October 25, 2021 and was only set to last for three months – with the first phase after that itself only set for six months with the addition of a further 16 mobile units and 20 stationary units.

The second phase was originally set to be completed within a year of the first phase and envisaged a further 66 stationary units.

The transport ministry said back in August that another 20 stationary cameras were to be installed within six months.

As for the covid fines, the Cyprus Mail previously reported in June that between March 28, 2020 and May 31, 2022 a total of 44,344 out of court fines were issued and only 17, 466 – corresponding to 39.4 per cent – have been paid. Another 26,828 fines (60.5 per cent) remain unpaid.

Source: 35,000 traffic camera fines unpaid | Cyprus Mail


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