Fit to Drive?

This refers not only to the driver, But to the vehicle. Here are some of the factors you should consider.

As the Driver:-

  1. Have been drinking any alcohol?
  2. Have you had enough sleep prior to your journey?
  3. Are you on medication? Is it likely to effect your driving?
  4. Do you feel well enough to make your journey?

Your Vehicle:-

Does the vehicle comply with Cyprus road traffic law?

Carry out the P.O.W.E.R. OR P.OW.D.E.R. CHECK

This check should be carried out regularly, and especially before a long journey or one involving motorway driving.

  • P = Petrol
  • O = Oil
  • W = Water
  • D = Damage
  • E = Electrics
  • R = Rubber (tyres and wipers)


Most skids are the result of how a vehicle is driven, but keeping your vehicle in good condition helps to minimize the risks.

  1. Tyres should be correctly inflated and have adequate tread depth. Check treads and tyre pressure regularly.
  2. Consult your vehicle handbook to get the right pressure for the tyres on your vehicle. Do not presume that the garage knows best.
  3. Defective brakes and faulty suspension are especially dangerous on slippery surfaces and may help to cause or aggravate a skid – do not increase the risk by neglecting these problems.
  4. Check your tracking regularly, particularly after traveling on rough roads.
Important changes to the UK Highway Code are now in force.
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