The Sytem of Car Control

 Five Phases of the System – I.P.S.G.A.


All UK advanced drivers adopt into their driving plan The System of Car Control.

This system is a way of approaching and negotiating hazards that is methodical, safe and leaves nothing to chance.

A hazard is anything, which may be potentially dangerous.


Speed and gear change can occasionally overlap.
For example on a descent.

The diagram above sets out the five phases, showing that the information phase, although in ideal situations naturally preceding position, speed, gear and acceleration, is capable of overlapping and entering the system at whatever stage may be necessary.

As the information changes then the system must also have the flexibility to adapt to that change in circumstances.

For example: On the approach to a T junction a driver will have absorbed all the relevant information and taken a suitable position and speed in line with his driving plan. The information changes when a pedestrian steps off the pavement and into the road, and the driver must now consider whether to re-run the system from an earlier stage or not.

The system of car control gives you that essential aspect of safe driving – time to react.

The System of Motorcycle Control varies with the addition of a “lifesaver”,  look over the shoulder between Gear and Acceleration, before making the manoeuvre.

Most advanced drivers tend to do this even when driving a car anyway.