The Aims of Advanced / Defensive Driving & Riding

These pages are designed as a study aid to be used prior to and during advanced / defensive driving tuition, and as a reference afterwards. Its aim is to provide you with the skills that are necessary to safely negotiate the increasingly busy and hazardous roads of Cyprus.

The overall principle will be that of safety, coupled with advice on how to control the speed and position of your vehicle in relation to everything else on the road.

Every traffic collision represents a loss of control, but by employing the principles contained here you will develop a heightened awareness of your own capabilities, your vehicles characteristics, and the road and traffic conditions.

WHY should I practice defensive driving?

Research shows that most drivers think that they are safer and more skillful than the average driver, and yet in more than 90% of traffic accidents, driver error is the cause.

The truth is that there exists a wide gap between perceived and actual ability. By training in, and constantly practising the art of defensive driving you will be more aware of the prevailing road and traffic conditions, improve your use of the vehicle controls and act to keep identified risks to a minimum.

HOW do I become proficient in advanced / defensive driving?

Defensive driving will above all else teach you to recognize, categorize and then to safely negotiate the many hazards that face us all every time we sit behind the wheel of a vehicle. Defensive driving will show you how to create a buffer zone of open space around your vehicle, giving you the time to select the best position, speed and gear to negotiate a hazard safely.

Take an active role in your training and be ready to open your mind to suggestions that may well clash with driving habits that you have built up over the years. Having a receptive attitude in your training will help you to absorb and then more easily employ the skills you learn.

Practice to improve and improve with practice.