Use of Gears

Get the Right Gear!

You should aim to:

  • Be in the correct gear for every road speed and traffic situation.
  • Make all gear changes smoothly.
  • Engage a chosen gear without going through an intermediate gear first. (Referred to as Block Changing)
  • Know the approximate maximum road speed for each gear of the vehicle.

These key points will help you to make skillful use of the gears:

  • Co-ordination of hand and foot movements.
  • Recognize when to change gear by the sound of the engine.
  • Choose the right gear for the road speed.
  • Use the brakes rather than engine compression to slow the vehicle (except during hill descents and when there is a risk of skidding).
  • Brake in good time to slow to the right road speed as you approach a hazard, and then select the appropriate gear.
  • Match engine speed to road speed before you change down.

Choose your gear with care!

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