Cyprus Police Advanced Driving Courses


The First Course

In 2001, The Superintendent of Police in Paphos and fifteen local officers attended a course entitled “An introduction to advanced driving”.

From this small beginning, introductions were made to the Director of the Traffic Police in Nicosia and a meeting set up to discuss training for six officers who would be responsible for bringing advanced driving to the whole 4,100 strong Cyprus Police Force through their driving school.

Cyprus Police Driving School

The advanced driving course was scheduled for two weeks and the trainers set the highest standards they thought the officers could possibly achieve in this short time. There was to be a driving test at the end of the course with only Grade A passes approved to instruct other officers.

The trainers met with the six selected officers at Paphos Divisional Police Headquarters, and starting with some theory the course was begun. It soon became obvious that the officers were not only enthusiastic but also fairly tidy drivers. Let us make no mistake this was to be two weeks hard work for the officers, but they tackled it with a willingness that was a pleasure to see.

At the end of the course the drivers were tested. Those with the lower Grade B passes being sent away for further practice on what they had learned.

With help from the other four course members, we were confident that when they return to be retested later in the year they would make the higher grade.

The course concluded with the Director of Traffic Police taking all of us for a meal at a harbour side tavern, expressing his gratitude on behalf of the Force he presented the trainers with personalized engraved plaques with the Cyprus Police crest on.

Cyprus Police Advanced Driving and Refresher Driving Courses.

Since that time we have run various courses for traffic patrol officers who are based across Cyprus, including officers responsible for patrolling the Highway out from Nicosia. The courses take in quite a lot of theory and this provokes a lot of well thought out questions from the students.

Although we have a timetable, it is flexible. This is so that the classroom work can be extended if necessary to enable the students to fully understand points raised during a lecture.

We have been impressed with the caliber of the officers in that they are receptive and eager to learn. The improvement in their driving is marked.