Ministry welcomes amendment to electronic scooter regulation | Cyprus Mail

The transport ministry on Saturday hailed the recent approval of the amendment to the legislation on bicycles and other personal mobility vehicles, including e-scooters.

The ministry noted that although the use of these vehicles in Cyprus had been relatively limited, mostly seen in tourist areas, they became more prevalent after the pandemic period.

This has been attributed to people being more concerned with their impact on the environment, with e-scooters having a smaller carbon footprint than cars, as well as their reduced running cost during a period of economic turmoil.

“With the increased use of these vehicles in Cyprus, road collisions with scooters have been recorded, including a fatal accident,” the ministry said, pointing out that there have been reactions from local authorities to these problems.

In this context, the amendment to the relevant legislation, approved by the House plenum on Thursday, now stipulates that their permitted use on roads includes those with a maximum speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour, bike paths, as well as areas that form extensions of bike paths, with the latter forming a mixed area for both cyclists and pedestrians.

These vehicles can also be used in squares and sidewalks but only after this has been approved by the local municipality, council or community.

Moreover, the minimum age for the use of e-scooters has been set at 14, while the use of a helmet and high visibility vest at night time have been made mandatory.

The minimum equipment that such vehicles must have includes the brake system, front and rear lights, a bell and tyres. Their maximum permitted speed has been set at 20 kilometres per hour.

The ministry clarified that a transitional period will apply, allowing owners to get up to speed with the new regulations, particularly in terms of meeting minimum equipment requirements, as well as allowing rental companies to acquire the relevant permits.


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