Over 700 traffic fines in 48 hours | Cyprus Mail

Police on Monday said they issued 744 fines for traffic violations in approximately 48 hours during checks in the government-controlled areas.

More than half concern speeding, one of the main causes for serious and fatal road accidents.

The checks were carried out between the early morning hours on Saturday and 6am on Monday as part of the prevention of road traffic collisions.

Police said the majority of the fines concerned offences which are proven to be the main causes of serious and fatal road traffic collisions. Of these, 400 complaints were made for exceeding the speed limit and 61 complaints for drink driving.

Another 78 fines were issued over vehicles driven without a licence and 25 for driving without the relevant certificates.

There were also 23 people who were fined for failing to use a seat belt in the front and rear seats. In addition, another 157 fines were issued for various other traffic offences.

Moreover, seven vehicles were confiscated in a campaign of the Famagusta traffic police for the prevention of road collisions and traffic offences, conducted between 2pm -12 midnight on Sunday in Ayia Napa.

The vehicles were four cars one moped and two motorcycles which were seized for various traffic offences.

Members of the Famagusta traffic police issued a total of 76 fines, including four for forgery of a driver’s license and use of a fake driver’s license, three for driving with an expired student driver’s license, five for worn tires and two for driving a stationary vehicle.

During the checks, six persons were also found illegally residing on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus and were arrested.

Targeted traffic police checks continue on a daily basis, throughout the twenty-four hours, on all the road network throughout the country, police said.

They added that the sole objective is to instill a proper road awareness among all road users and to prevent fatal and serious traffic collisions.

Source: Over 700 traffic fines in 48 hours | Cyprus Mail