Protective equipment grant scheme for 2023 announced | Cyprus Mail

The Road Transport Department (TOM) on Wednesday announced the launch of another grant scheme for the purchase of protective motorcycle airbag vests, after its success in 2022.

Those interested can apply for the scheme until March 1 at The grant will cover a maximum of €500.

TOM also announced that its intention is to run the scheme for 2023 as well. In 2022, more than 1,700 people applied to it to acquire motorcycle airbag vests.

Aside from Cypriot nationals, EU-citizenship holders and third-country nationals with a valid permanent residence permit will also be able to apply to the scheme, provided they are holders of an A, A1 or A2 driving licence, are registered with TOM and have a motorcycle registered in their name.

To apply, people will have to provide their ID, date of birth, vehicle registration number, mobile phone number and email address.

The announcement also added that in case interest is greater than the predetermined number of applications, an electronic lottery will be conducted, and applicants will be notified of preliminary approval via email or text message.

Applicants who receive preliminary approval will be given a period of one month to submit all the supporting documentation for the purchase of the vest, as well as bank details for the transfer of the grant.

Applicants who secure preliminary approval but do not make a purchase or submit the necessary information and supporting documents within the specified timeframes will not receive the grant.

Finally, applicants who already received the grant in 2022 will not be allowed to apply again.

Source: Protective equipment grant scheme for 2023 announced | Cyprus Mail