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Residency Requirements


Only Cyprus residents who can prove they have lived in the country for six months are eligible to apply for any Cyprus Driving Licence or take any Cyprus Driving Test.

This is to comply with EU directives.

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Road Tax – Circulation Licence

A circulation licence is required to drive a vehicle on a public road. There is the option to buy a licence that is valid for 6 or 12 months.

When to renew your road tax

Road tax can be renewed from the end of the first week of January until a date around the middle of March each year without penalty. Historically the cutoff date has often been extended. Any changes are published locally and in the news section of this site.

From the March cutoff date the police will prosecute. After the grace period a fine of €10 + 10% of the rate of tax for the vehicle will be levied on renewal. If the tax is not renewed for a full year, further penalties apply.

Paying by Installments

Road tax can be paid in monthly installments on application. Failure to keep up the payments will result in revocation of the licence. Road Tax arrears can also be paid in installments.
Application can be made through the Department Website. It will require that you register.

Road tax can also be paid in installments of three, six and nine months, as well as the full twelve months. This can be done  through the methods outlined below.

A circulation licence cannot be renewed if the vehicle requires, but does not have, a current Biennial Vehicle Inspection Certificate (MOT). This information is logged on the DoRT database. If the MOT expires during the currency of the circulation licence, and is not renewed, the circulation licence becomes invalid and you are likely to be prosecuted for both offences.

Do Not Display Any Tax Disc
As of the 12th of March, 2010, the writing, attaching or displaying of any object on the windscreen of a vehicle is prohibited. This includes tax discs.

How to renew your Road Tax

Renewal online.

You will be required to log on or register with JCCsmart.com with your email and a password. The site is in Greek and English. Go to JCCsmart.com (opens in new window).

  • You will require the following details:
  • Registration Document (Log Book).
  • Credit card.
  • The owners’ reference number is the last three digits of your ID, Alien Card or Passport number. This is the one shown on owner section of the logbook for that vehicle under I.C. No. or [C.9] on the newer Greek language log books.

Insurance certificate may be required if cover commenced recently and has not yet been entered onto the database.

Renewal at the Bank of Cyprus, the Co-Op and other commercial banks, District Post Offices and Citizens Service Centers.

You do not need to have an account with the bank.

You will require:

  • Cash for the sum required.
  • Registration Document (Log Book).
  • The last three digits of your ID, Alien Card or Passport number. This is the one shown on the logbook.
  • Insurance certificate may be required if cover commenced recently and has not yet been entered onto the database.
Renew at Department of Transport Offices.

You can apply at the local Department of Road Transport.

You will require:

  • The application form TOM 8
  • Cash for the sum required.
  • Registration Document (Log Book).
  • Insurance certificate may be required if cover commenced recently and has not yet been entered onto the database.

The application form TOM 8 is sometimes available in English. You can download a printable form TOM 8 for completion and an English translation of the Greek form pdfhere.

If your vehicle is going to be off the road. (S.O.R.N.)

If you are not going to use your car, going to the UK on an extended stay for example, you can obtain a rebate of some of the road tax unused during your absence or delay having to renew your road tax.

Before you go away,

Or as soon as the vehicle is off the road, fill in a form TOM 12 and take it with your log book to the Department of Transport Offices or Citizen Service Centers.
You will have to nominate a place, off the road, where it will be kept during your absence so that it can be inspected.

I have been informed of a change in procedure in that;
You should now take your bank IBAN number with you as any refund  is paid directly into your account. On your return re-tax the vehicle.

The notification cannot be backdated and is similar to the Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) in the UK.

You can download a printable form TOM 12 for completion and an English translation of form pdfhere.

Changes to Road Tax 2019

Changes in road tax rates applicable to vehicles registered in the Republic after the law comes into force at the beginning of 2019.

The changes will see a rise in the road tax of passenger vehicles with high CO2 emissions and a rise in the road tax of newly registered passenger vehicles and vans according to their age.

Road tax for those two vehicle categories will take into consideration the combined cycle CO2 emissions – euros per gramme per kilometre.

  • For 120 gr/km the tax will €0.50 per gr/km, or €60;
  • between 120 and 150, €3;
  • 150 to 180, €6;
  • over 180, €12.

Annual road tax cannot exceed €1,500.

On top of this, road tax charged on used vehicles imported after the law comes into force will also include additional charges based on their age.

  • No charges will be imposed on used cars, petrol or diesel, up to one-year-old;
  • between one and two, zero for petrol and €100 for diesel;
  • two to three, €50 for petrol and €200 for diesel;
  • three to four €100 and €300;
  • four to five, €250 and €500;
  • five to eight, €500 to €1,000;
  • eight to 10, €750 and €1,500;
  • over 10, €1,000 and €2,000.

Rates of Road Tax on vehicles registered in Cyprus prior to 1st January 2014.

The general rates shown below apply to cars and small car derived vans and run for 12 months from January to December.

There is also an option to pay for half a year at proportionately slightly increased rates.

To work out the rate for your vehicle, multiply the engine size of the vehicle (cc) by the € rate in the engine category into which it falls.

Tax rates for vehicles registered prior to 2014

Engine Capacity (cc)Up to 14501451 – 16501651 – 20502051 – 22502251 – 26502651 and more
€ per cc€0.04272€0.05980€0.11960€0.14523€0.19649€0.19649
Cost will be in the range      
Private Car€10 – 62€87 – 99€198 – 246€297 – 326€443 – 521€521  +
Van€10 – 62€87 – 99€198 – 246€297 – 299€299€299
Double Cab
(Prior to 2014 only)
€10 – 27€39 – 44€89 – 111€133 – 147€198 – 234€234 – 299

Motorcycles between 1 and 1450 cc are charged €0.04272 per cc and will be in the range €10 – €62.

Any reductions including those with regard to CO2 emissions for vehicles registered prior to 2014 are shown in the pdf file numbered 3. below.

1. For a full list of Road Tax rates for vehicles registered prior to 2014pdf click here.

2. For a full list of Road Tax rates for vehicles registered prior to 2014 in Greek pdf click here.

3. Road Tax calculations on saloon vehicles registered prior to 2014 – It includes any reduction for CO2 emissions prior to 1st January 2014. It is out of date regarding Registration Fees. pdfClick here.

For 2014 the fee is calculated at 2013 rates shown above PLUS a special fee.

For vehicles, including motorcycles, the special fee is
€12 for engine size up to 2050cc with CO2 emissions which are up to and including 100g/km,
€22 for vehicles with greater emissions and engine displacements up to 2050 cc,
€32 for vehicles with engine displacements more than 2050 cc.

Pick-up trucks and larger vans.

Vehicles designed do carry goods with a gross weight of less than 3501, that is pick-up trucks and larger vans, the way the tax is calculated has changed. It is now calculated at .05 cents per cc up to 1650cc and .10 cents for 1651cc and above plus the appropriate special fee in each case. A cap of €299 has been reinstated. Those that have paid over that sum will be refunded the difference.

Vehicles first registered in Cyprus from 1st January 2014 will be charged road tax based on CO2 emissions.

The new road tax will be charged as at the following rates:
vehicles emitting 120g/km, €0.5 per gramme,
121g/km – 150g/km, €3,
151g/km – 180g/km, €3,
over 180g/km, €8.

Road Tax Calculator for vehicles registered after 1st January 2014.

To calculate the road tax for your vehicle you can use the excel calculator here. Enter the CO2 emissions in the white box and it multiplies the figure in the top yellow box by the applicable € figure (.5, 3 or 8,) for a years tax, or use the figure in the bottom yellow box for 6 months tax.

Road Tax changes in 2014 including the special fee in Greek pdf click here.

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Is your driving licence valid in Cyprus?

Driving Licence

Drivers can drive with a current valid:

  1. EU driving licence – until it expires. (This is likely to change for UK licence holders after Brexit)
  2. An International Driving Permit (IDP) together with a current valid domestic driving licence – usually until the IDP expires.
  3. Article 20 of the Driving License Laws of 2001 and 2004, recognizes driver’s licences or learner’s licences issued by the EU and a competent authority of the country included in the table below and are valid.
    The driving licences from the countries listed below are valid for 6 months only.

    1. Australia
    2. Canada
    3. Georgia
    4. Iceland
    5. Japan
    6. Liechtenstein
    7. New Zealand
    8. Norway
    9. Russia
    1. Serbia
    2. South Africa
    3. South Korea
    4. Switzerland
    5. Ukraine
    6. United Arab Emirates
    7. USA
    8. Zimbabwe

    Exchange Driving Licence
    At the end of that period they must be exchanged for a Cyprus licence.

    When applying for an exchange/conversion licence that is in a language other than Greek or English you have to supply a certified translation. This must be done by the Embassy of your Country or the Cyprus Press and Information Office.

    If your licence is from a third (non EU) country listed above, your exchange licence may not be valid in all EU countries. Other EU countries are not bound to accept an exchange licence issued by one EU country which has a bilateral agreement with a third country.

    Other countries national driving licences are valid for a period of 30 days.
    If your licence is in a language that does not have information in English or Greek you should check whether an international driving permit may be required. Contact the permit issuer of your Country for further information.

    Any driver must have reached the minimum age for the category of vehicle they intend to drive and all licences must be valid for the class of vehicle. The details are on this website.

    The ages are not the same for all EU countries.

    The list of countries with bilateral agreements may change occasionally. Check with the Department of Transport if you believe your country has been added to the list.

    The information on this page refers to non-vocational driving licences only.

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