The Two Second Rule

THE TWO SECOND RULE is a simple, effective way to work out the MINIMUM distance for following another vehicle in good road and weather conditions.t

In bad weather the distance should be doubled.

When the car in front passes a convenient landmark, such as a bridge or road sign.

Count one second – Count two seconds.
Alternatively, if you say ‘Only a fool breaks the two second rule’ fairly slowly this should take two seconds.

If you pass the landmark before you have counted two seconds, you are too close. Drop back and try the test again.


‘Never drive so fast that you cannot stop comfortably on your own side of the road, within the distance you can see to be clear.’

Be aware of:

  1. The braking capabilities of your vehicle.
  2. The type and condition of the road surface – in slippery or wet conditions braking distances increase greatly.
  3. The effects of cornering, braking and vehicle balance on tyre grip.