All About CyprusDriving

The Cyprus Advanced Driving and Road Safety Network is a voluntary, non profit organization promoting road safety in Cyprus.

The Network is an association of people who have road safety skills and believe in using those skills to help reduce the number of road traffic accidents in Cyprus.

Ex UK Police Advanced Drivers and Riders:

Trained by the police service to drive cars and motorcycles to a high standard and gained police advanced driving certificates.
They include former traffic officers and Police driving instructors.

Holders of Advanced Driving Certificates:

The qualifications include those issued by The Road Safety and Advanced Driving Society (RoADS), the Institute of Advanced Driving (IAM) and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Authorized Driving Instructors (ADI):

Trained in the UK and qualified through the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to teach students to drive.
Members who are Cyprus ADIs have completed RoSPA advanced driver training.

Other Skills:

International Paramedics.
Road Safety.
Health and Safety.
Law. (EU partners only)
Accident Prevention.
Road Engineering.

All have shown an aptitude and willingness to pass on their skills and experience to others.

Our contribution so far:

The Police:

We have strong links with the police that have been built up over time. We are in regular correspondence regarding various matters with a sharing of information that is helpful to all.

Since 2001 we have conducted advanced car driving and motorcycle riding courses for the Cyprus Police, including the Police Driving School.

Through their officers we hope that with the knowledge gained they will be able to advise other drivers and fellow officers constructively on all aspects of safe driving.

We also consult for the police on UK Law and procedures and EU Law and directives.

The Public:

Since 2000 we have trained, members of the public in advanced / defensive driving techniques.
A number have gained the skills and further training so that they are able to train others.

We also keep the public informed on current Cyprus Law and procedures.

The Press:

We have written articles and letters for local and national newspapers and magazines. Given interviews to local TV and national radio.
Supplied information to the national press when requested.

Seminars and Talks:

We have given talks on many aspects of road safety to clubs and public bodies.

Contact with Government Departments:

We have regular meetings with various departments. In particular we keep in regular contact with members of the Department of Transport.

Other road safety issues:

We have provided Hazard Assessment Reports on roads that have proved to be particularly dangerous.These have been used by the Police, Local Authorities and Residence Associations.

We have been instrumental in the redesign some stretches of road and changed road signing to improve road safety.