Disabled Parking Permit (Blue Badge) Residents of Cyprus

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Do not park on roads where parking is prohibited.
Do not drive or park in pedestrian zones unless there is a sign showing that vehicles displaying the Parking Card are exempt.

The Permit allows a disabled driver:

  1. To park in marked disabled parking bays.
  2. You may park free of charge and without time limit on roads where payment is required. Check locally.
  3. You may park without time limit on roads where parking is free but restricted by time.

People who are eligible to apply for a disabled parking permit (Blue Badge) in Cyprus.

  1. Recipient of Severe Motor Disability Allowance from the Disabled Welfare Service
  2. Persons with a visual disability (the visual acuity of both eyes is such that it does not exceed 6/60 even with the use of corrective lenses)
  3. Persons who have received financial assistance for purchasing a car by the Ministry of Finance according to the Scheme of Financial Assistance to Persons with Disabilities for Purchasing a Car
  4. Persons with intellectual disabilities with additional motor difficulties

The application form can be downloaded here. It has instructions in English.

Each Country has different regulations.