Speed Limits

There are several things you should know about speed limits in Cyprus.

The sign indicating you are entering a limit will normally only be displayed on your side of the road.

Having entered a posted limit, you will very rarely find the small repeater signs that you see in the UK. The next sign you will see may be a change in speed limit or when you pass over a municipal boundary.

It is often not clear when a speed limit ceases to apply. You will rarely see a de-restriction sign. There are long stretches of road which could be de-restricted, because of the layout and lack of hazards, but the last limit still appears to apply.

I generally use the sign governing the speed limit for the opposing traffic as a guide for when the de-restriction starts. However this is not foolproof as there are examples where, according to the signs, the opposing traffic on the same road is governed by a different speed limit to you.

Speed limits posted at hazards, such as bends, are usually advisory in the UK. In Cyprus they are technically mandatory and must be obeyed. They are often placed with little thought as to their purpose or the affect they will have on traffic. You will not find many of the locals adhering to them.

Be careful of your speed.

The maximum speed limit allowed is lower than in the UK and can lead to impatience and an itchy right foot.

From the 1st October 2020 the tolerance for being fined for speeding has been reduced.

For a limit of up to 30 km (urban roads and others) the tolerance will be up to 35 km and from 36 and above offenders will be fined.

For a limit of 50 km or more which is the most common in towns and villages, the tolerance will be up to 57 km and from 58 km and above there will be fines. To date the fines have been imposed over 63 km.

For a limit of 65 km tolerance will be 73.5 km and fines will be imposed at 74 km and over.

It does not change the tolerance limit of 20% on motorways and long-city roads which are 100 km and 80 km respectively and remains at 120 km and 97km. respectively.

All speed limits in Cyprus are posted in Kilometers per hour (Kph)

Type of Road  SignApprox.
Maximum speed limit62
  Minimum speed limit40
Built up Areas:Maximum speed limit31
Country Roads: Maximum speed limit40
Hazards:   Maximum speed limit
Roadworks, bends etc.
National Speed
 Maximum speed limit50
National Speed
Limit applies:
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