There have been a number of rumours circulating regarding tyres. Here is a brief rundown of the legislation.

The Law and the Biennial Vehicle Inspection (MOT)

The vehicle will fail the test and you may commit traffic offences if:

  1. The tyre does not fit snugly on the rim
  2. The rim is dented or distorted
  3. Different tyre size
  4. Different tread pattern on same axle
  5. Cuts greater than 25 mm or greater than 10 % of width, bulges or other damage.
  6. The grooves of the tread pattern are not at least 1.6mm throughout a continuous band comprising: the central three-quarters of the breadth of tread around the entire outer circumference of the tyre.
  7. The general condition of the tyre of the tyre is poor e.g. perished rubber.
  8. The valve is worn, deformed or broken.

The DOT number

The DOT number is the US Department of Transport number which contains a code for the manufacturer e.g. JJ82, then an internal code for the manufacturers’ use and then the date code. Recent tyres have a 4 figure code the first two are the week of manufacture the second two are the year of manufacture.

The DOT code currently has no bearing in Cyprus law. Nor is there any legislation being proposed that would, for example, make it illegal to drive the vehicle on the road fitted with an old tyre. Nor can the vehicle fail the Bi Annual Vehicle Test (MOT) purely on the date of manufacture of the tyre.

The questions regarding DOT dates was brought about by the importing of secondhand tyres from other countries. The importers asked the Department of Transport if it was legal. The answer was that it is, provided the tyres are safe.

A number of other interested parties, who were not happy with the importers, seem to have started this chain of events and wanted to introduce the DOT date restriction.

The Department of Transport did state however that vehicles being submitted to their offices for Type Approval may be refused if they consider the tyres to be too old. This will effect very few people, those who wish a one off Type Approval.

For further advice on tyres I suggest you look at the manufactures website to check their recommendations regarding the longevity of their tyres.