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Kornos highway entrance a death trap –

Any time Kornos residents, and other drivers, attempt to enter the Limassol-Nicosia highway they require luck to make it unscathed.

The highway entrance at Kornos is badly designed, as the Ministry of Transport itself acknowledges, making it highly dangerous.

The entrance lane drivers from Kornos must use to merge into the highway is only 50 metres long, making it nearly impossible to gain the necessary speed to enter the 100 kilometre per hour highway.

In addition, it does not give the opportunity to drivers occupying the left lane to move to the right lane, thus allowing the Kornos drivers to enter the left lane.

As a result, the Kornos drivers are either forced to drive on the side of the highway until the left lane is freed, or they must take a chance to merge onto the highway without being up to speed, endangering themselves and other drivers.

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Police investigating alleged insurance scam – Cyprus Mail

Police said on Friday they had received a report on an alleged insurance scam concerning fake claims for cars damaged in road accidents.

The case was reported by a shareholder in a Nicosia-based insurance company who sent a letter on Thursday to police saying he discovered that claims had been filed over the past decade for cars owned by the company that had been allegedly damaged either in road accidents or by malicious acts. The claims concern the company’s own cars in Paphos.

The man told police that after further enquiries, he learned from people using the cars for which claims had been filed and paid out by the company, that they were never involved in any road accidents.


Source: Police investigating alleged insurance scam – Cyprus Mail

Cyprus looking to computerise driving theory tests –

Driving theory tests at the Road Transport Department (RTD) could soon be conducted on computers by private companies.

There is expressed interest by multiple parties while KEVE (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has already requested to meet with RTD officials to present its own opinions.

The RTD has also publicised its intention to move ahead with a tender for private companies to take over the conducting of theoretical examinations.

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The private company which will take over these examinations and will collect a fee directly from those taking the test. The largest allowed fee will be specified in the bill, and the fee is expected to be significantly lower than that paid today.

According to the draft bill which was put for discussion in parliament, the maximum fee will be €30 of which €3 will go to the government as administrative fees. Furthermore, €4.31 will be collected by the government as VAT, leaving €22.69 per examinee to the private company.

The company which wins the tender must have at least one examination centre in each urban area: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Paralimni. The examinations will take place in these centres, with the company issuing a certificate and exchanging information with the RTD system.

The RTD is aiming to eventually expand the computer examinations to all driving licence tests including bus drivers and taxi drivers.

The total investment needed to conduct examinations via computers for five years is €2.5 million, or €500,000 annually.

The RTD says that approximately 23,000 driving theory tests for drivers are conducted each year.

In 2015, 23,309 theoretical examinations took place, while in 2016 the number was 23,314.

With the computerised examinations, the RTD’s driving examiners will significantly increase their available time for practical examinations, leading to better service for those looking for dates for their practical examinations.

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Fantasy taxi driver a sign of a deeper malaise – Cyprus Mail

In a strange new twist, a man arrested last month for pretending to be a taxi driver has called the head of the road transport department posing as the chief of police in an attempt to get his licence back. The 38-year-old man was arrested in Limassol in April in connection with extortion and theft […]

Source: Fantasy taxi driver a sign of a deeper malaise – Cyprus Mail

March 11 road tax deadline – Cyprus Mail

FollowRoad tax for 2017 is payable until next Saturday, March 11, at any bank, citizens’ service centre, district post office, district office of the road transport department, or at, according to a transport ministry announcement. The ministry said the tax is payable for three, six, nine, or twelve months. A late payment charge will […]

Source: March 11 road tax deadline – Cyprus Mail