Driving Test – Cyprus

Only Cyprus residents who can prove they have lived in the country for six months are eligible to apply for a Cyprus learner driving licence and take a Cyprus Driving Test. This to comply with EU Directives.

EU provisional / learner / student licences are valid and can be used to drive and book a test providing you are old enough to drive in Cyprus.

Driving Test Application

Form T.O.M. 25B is available and an English translation with full instructions can be downloaded here.

The test fee is €20.

It is possible to pay an extra €34.17 to take the test out of hours. This is to pay the examiner to work overtime. The test will be in the afternoon, after normal working hours. However, 21 days must elapse between the issue of a provisional licence and the test.

If you fail the test an interval of 30 days must elapse before it can be retaken.

You may also book your test online.

Download the website details and instructions here (The instructions and the site are currently in Greek Only)

Taking the driving test in your own, or non driving school vehicle.

You will be required to produce:

  1. Driving Licence.
  2. Insurance certificate. This is an extra insurance which specifically covers your use of the vehicle on the day of the test and for the purpose of taking the driving test.
  3. MOT (if required).
  4. The vehicle must display E plates front and rear.
  5. The vehicles’ handbrake must be in the center of the vehicle to enable the examiner to use it in an emergency.

The Cyprus Driving Test:

Consists of a short verbal theory test, in Greek or English, on traffic signs and the highway code, similar to that taken when applying for a provisional licence.
The practical test takes about 35 minutes and consists of a drive on the local roads and includes some maneuvering for example parallel parking.
The result is given at the end of the test.

If you take your test in an automatic car and pass, you will only be able to drive automatics on your full licence. A pass in a car with a manual gearbox will enable you to drive both types of vehicle.

The waiting list for a test is currently between three and four months.

A driver must undergo seven (7) hours of compulsory training before taking the Category B+E test.

Changes to the Theory Test

The Department of Transport have put out to tender for the supply of computers required for adopting a UK style driving theory test for Cyprus.