Police, Ambulance and Fire Service in Cyprus use the Emergency number that is valid in all countries of the EU, 112.

Traffic Collisions.

The police will only attend accidents that involve injury, driving offences or special situations where, for example, the road is blocked or futher danger is likely to be caused.

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in any sort of traffic accident while driving on a road in Cyprus, the vehicles should be left in situe unless it is likely to cause danger to other persons or vehicles .

Your insurance documentation should include a number to contact if you are involoved in a crash. This will normally be a recovery company. They will make any arrangements necessary on behlaf of the insurance company.

Emergency Number 112

When you call the emergency number, 112 it is directed to the Police in the first instance.

Police will call an ambulance or the fire service to the scene if required.

Always carry with you:

In a rented car – driving licence – rental documents

In a locally registered car – driving licence – insurance.

Police Officers in Cyprus invariably speak some English and many have a good knowledge of the language.