Roads and Roadworks

The Highway.

The Highway is a dual carriageway road similar to Motorway standard and is toll free. It links all of the main towns of the island Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and beyond.

The full extent of the highway is often not shown on many of the older maps. I would advise you to obtain a free up to date map from the local CTO office.

Main Roads.

The main roads of Cyprus are usually of a good standard and many have been recently resurfaced. Most of the work is now complete. There are plans to continue the upgrading of the road system over the next few years.

Minor Roads.

It is not unusual for a made up road to come to a sudden end and for it to continue as a dirt track. It may sometimes appear that you are in someone’s garden or yard. While of course you might be, don’t be too alarmed. If you have made a mistake and gone off the road into someone’s property, they will very rarely take offence. It is more likely that the road will return to being a “proper” road after a while.


The signing can be haphazard and can direct you into danger. The workmen themselves sometimes lack road sense and put themselves in danger.

In most countries in the EU the signing and operation of road works are governed by strict rules. Failure to comply with, for example, the correct number and positioning of cones, advanced warning signs etc. by the site operator can lead to closing the site down and to fines.

Cyprus does not yet generally employ European standards at roadwork’s although it is improving.

The workers on site have only recently started to wear reflective jackets and it is still not universal.

Treat roadworks with caution.

Slow down or stop if necessary until you are sure that your planed route through the road works is safe. Do not just follow other drivers through until you are entirely happy.