What is tailgating and how to avoid it

This vehicle is traveling at speed and too close

Tailgating is the action of a driver following another vehicle too closely, reducing the safe distance to stop.

Try to create space by reducing speed and dropping even further back from the vehicle in front of you.

This will allow you more time and space to react should the need arise.

Your vehicle should be in the safest position on the road having regard to all the hazards that you can see, to those you can’t see and those that may reasonably be expected to be there.

If possible you should dominate your correct position on the road so that an overtaker has to make a conscious effort to overtake you.

Then, if appropriate and when a suitable safe opportunity arises, allow the vehicle to pass you.

By keeping control of the space around you and using good judgment you could avoid an accident and save lives.

Use the two second rule to avoid being a tailgater yourself.