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Department of Transport Forms

Paphos DoRT

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The Department of Transport add a suffix at each form change, A to B, B to Γ, Γ το Δ etc. If you come accross an updated form you should use it. Please me know here.

Driving Licence Application Form – TOM 7D.
pdf Download form, print and complete
pdf Download English translation of the main headings.
International Driving Permit Application Form – TOM 26A.
pdf Download form, print and complete

Medical Form – TOM 153D – Required with driving licence application if over 70 years, drivers with disabilities and applications for licences in categories C, C + E, D, D + E, subcategories C1, C1 + E, D1, D1 + E, and special classes G, H, I.
pdf Download form and print

Driving Test Application Form – TOM 25B.
pdfDownload English translation and full instructions
pdf Download form, print and complete

Road Tax Suspension Form – TOM 12. Use when vehicle not in use and off road (In UK called a SORN)
pdf Download form, print and complete
pdf English Translation

Replacement of Document on loss or theft etc. – TOM 46B.
pdf English Translation
pdf Download form, print and complete

Road Tax Application Form – TOM 8.
pdf English Translation
pdf Download form, print and complete

Change of Ownership of Vehicle – TOM 9B.
pdf English Translation
pdf Download form in Greek, print and complete

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Document Replacement

Paphos DoRT

To apply for a duplicate or replacement of any Department of Road Transport document on loss, theft or defacement.

There is a fee.

You require:

Completed form TOM 46.

For replacement Driving Licence a Form TOM 7 and TOM 46 ARE REQUIRED – two recent passport size photographs (40x35mm)
The Fee is € 40.

Take the completed forms to your district Transport Department Office or CSC.

You can download a printable form for completion and an English translation pdfhere.

If your current EU or National licence is lost or stolen, it has to be replaced in your country of current residence. The replacement will be based on the information or proof supplied from the issuing Country. (Article 8(5) of Directive 91/439/EEC).