Driving Advice

Motorcycle cornering

On average about a quarter of motorcycle fatalities every year happen on rural roads often on a corner where the road changes direction. This 5 minute video features a police advanced motorcyclist who shares some of his experiences to help riders plan for what you can see, what you can’t see or realistically expect to …

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Safe Driving Tips

SAFETY TIPS Seat Belts It is proven that wearing seat belts save lives and reduces the risk of serious injury. It is now the law in Cyprus for all occupants of a vehicle to wear a seatbelt. Get into the habit and as the driver, insist that your passengers ‘buckle up’. Space Drive with space …

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Car Handling Characteristics

The effects of natural forces acting on a vehicle when accelerating and braking. Under acceleration. The weight is transferred to the rear of the vehicle.The rear tyres gain grip.The front becomes lighter.The front tyres loose grip. Under braking. The weight is transferred to the front of the vehicle.The front tyres gain grip.The rear becomes lighter.The …

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The main purposes of a roundabout is to assist in the free flow of traffic with the minimum of controls and to reduce conflict points that occure at other types of junctions. Providing everyone keeps to a fairly simple set of rules and drivers signal their intent at the appropriate time, traffic flow through the …

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Use of Brakes

PROGRESSIVE BRAKING TECHNIQUE Aim to make all braking manoeuvres in plenty of time. Foot pressure on the pedal should be progressive and increased steadily. A – Gently take up the initial free movement of the brake pedal. B – Increase the pressure smoothly until the required speed is lost. C – Relax the pedal pressure …

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Use of Gears

Get the Right Gear! You should aim to: Be in the correct gear for every road speed and traffic situation. Make all gear changes smoothly. Engage a chosen gear without going through an intermediate gear first. (Referred to as Block Changing) Know the approximate maximum road speed for each gear of the vehicle. These key …

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The Two Second Rule

THE TWO SECOND RULE is a simple, effective way to work out the MINIMUM distance for following another vehicle in good road and weather conditions.t In bad weather the distance should be doubled. When the car in front passes a convenient landmark, such as a bridge or road sign. Count one second – Count two …

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Hazard Management. Correct use of the five phases of the system will give you a safe and methodical approach to hazards. What is a Hazard? Basically, anything which is potentially dangerous. Use your skills to recognize a hazard, plan for it and take the appropriate action. The Three main categories of Hazard are: Physical features …

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Important changes to the UK Highway Code are now in force.
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