Road Safety

Cypriots have a complete disregard for traffic laws – Cyprus Mail

Although a very drastic measure (renouncing her Cypriot citizenship) I do sympathise with the lady. Especially sensitive as she has been abused and bullied over this. Unfortunately locals habitually disregard the laws especially the traffic laws. When we visit we always find that cars abuse the traffic light symbols either by going on red or …

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The Cyprus Highway Code

The Highway Code is available in book shops and is fully illustrated. It can be downloaded, in Greek only, here. There is also a PowerPoint presentation, also in Greek, which can be downloaded here. Some of it is similar to the UK Highway Code but with the updates to the UK version, there are now …

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Drink Driving

How much can I drink and stay under the limit? There is no fool-proof way of drinking and staying under the limit. It depends on: your weight your gender your metabolism what you are drinking how much you are drinking your current stress levels whether you’ve eaten recently your age Drink driving in Cyprus. High …

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Speed and Safety

Speed and Safety These are the key points to remember: Do not drive at speed unless you are competent and it is safe to do so. Be familiar with the controls and the handling characteristics of your vehicle – use the controls smoothly. High speed driving requires maximum alertness. If you cannot achieve a high …

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Important changes to the UK Highway Code are now in force.
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