Department of Road Transport Forms

The Department of Transport add a suffix at each form change, A to B, B to Γ, Γ το Δ etc. If you come accross an updated form you should use it. Please me know here.

Click this link regarding personal attendance with the forms.
Driving Licence Application Form – TOM 7D.
Download TOM 7 print and complete
TOM 7 English Guide
Medical Form – TOM 153E – Required with driving licence application if over 70 years, drivers with disabilities and applications for licences in categories C, C + E, D, D + E, subcategories C1, C1 + E, D1, D1 + E, and special classes G, H, I.
Download TOM 153E print for Doctor to complete
Replacement of Document on loss or theft etc. – TOM 46B.
Download TOM 46 print and completeTOM 46 English Guide
Road Tax Suspension Form – TOM 12. Use when vehicle not in use and off road (In UK called a SORN)
Download TOM 12 print and completeTOM 12 English Guide
Change of ownership of vehicle – TOM 9Γ
Download TOM 9 print and complete

   A pdf reader is required to read these forms