Pelican crossings installed on main Paphos streets

Pelican pedestrian crossings are set to enhance safety in Paphos starting this Wednesday. The municipality has strategically installed these crossings at key locations:

  1. Evagoras Pallikaridis Avenue: The pelican crossing will operate from midday on the section extending from its junction with Kaniggos Street to the new roundabout.
  2. Hellados Avenue: Another pelican pedestrian crossing will be active from its junction with Amathustos Street to the roundabout.
  3. Hellados Avenue and Onoufriou Klerides Street Junction: A third crossing will operate at the traffic lights adjacent to the municipality’s office of Technical Services.

These controlled traffic light systems are part of ongoing efforts to improve safety along these avenues. The municipality urges drivers to adhere strictly to road markings and signals for their own safety and that of fellow road users. 🚦🚶‍♀️🚗