Correct Use of Indicators and Signals.


Signals form an integral part of your overall driving plan that is the use and provision of information. Road position, speed and course are also signals of possible intention. With time you will become adept at predicting these signals in other road users, and using them to reinforce your own.

Advanced drivers only give a signal when another road user might benefit.


  1. If you decide a signal is appropriate, follow the Highway Code recommendation of Mirror – Signal – Manoeuvre.
  2. If there is a possibility of confusion, clarify with an arm signal.
  3. Do not accept the signal of another road user as absolute proof of their intention. Look for supporting evidence such as slowing down and road position.
  4. Be sure to cancel your signal once the manoeuvre is complete.


Should be used for the benefit of other road users when you feel they may not have noticed you.

It is not to be used as a form of rebuke or sign of annoyance!

Hazard Warning Lights:

Only use these to tell other drivers you have stopped on the carriageway. They are not a licence to park on restricted areas! Nor are they to be used while driving in reduced visibility. A common occurrence in Cyprus.


Are used to indicate slowing down or stopping.

Remember: Mirror – Signal – Manoeuvre.


Are only used to inform other drivers of your presence.

Arm or Hand Signals:

Used to reinforce other signals.