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Department of Road Transport Website can be found at this link.

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Most of the English section of the website is under construction and has been for a number of years.

Document Replacement

To apply for a duplicate or replacement of any Department of Road Transport document on loss, theft or defacement.

There is a fee which varies depending on the document being replaced.

You require:

Completed form TOM 46.

For replacement Driving Licence, a Form TOM 7 and TOM 46 ARE REQUIRED – the officer of the Department may be able to take our photograph. If not, two recent passport size photographs (40x35mm)
The Fee is € 40.

Take the completed forms to your district Transport Department Office or CSC.

You can download a printable form for completion and an English translation pdfhere.

If your current EU or National licence is lost or stolen, it has to be replaced in your country of current residence. The replacement will be based on the information or proof supplied from the issuing Country. (Article 8(5) of Directive 91/439/EEC).