Before you Drive

Cockpit Drill / Systems Check

Your tutor will ask you to learn this drill and use it at the beginning of every training session. There is a reason for everything you are asked to do whilst being taught advanced driver training techniques.

By carrying out this procedure you are making sure:-

  1. The vehicle is safe.
  2. All of the systems are working properly.
  3. Focusing your mind on the fact that you are about to drive a vehicle, which has the capability of being a lethal weapon.
  4. So stick with it and it will soon become second nature. As you check each control say:
  5. The handbrake is on, the gear lever is in neutral.
  6. There is good pressure on the footbrake.
  7. The seat, mirrors and steering wheel are adjusted to my satisfaction.
  8. Please check that your seatbelts are fastened, work correctly and are not damaged or frayed and that your doors are closed properly but not locked.
  9. I am aware of the layout and function of the controls.
  10. Switching on the ignition, the warning lights are illuminated and the gauges are working correctly.
  11. I am depressing the clutch and starting the engine. Those warning lights that should be extinguished are no longer lit.
  12. I have enough fuel for my journey.
  13. Checking around the vehicle, selecting 1st gear, releasing the handbrake and moving off. On moving off, conduct a running brake test between 35 and 50 kph to check for straight-line operation.
  14. Automatics keep footbrake depressed while engaging DRIVE.