International Driving Permit

An International Driving Permit is not a driving licence. It must be used WITH your national driving licence. It is used to enable a visitor to drive in countries that do not accept the domestic driving licence of a particular country as a valid document. As the Cyprus licence is in English and Greek it …

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Before you Drive

Cockpit Drill / Systems Check Your tutor will ask you to learn this drill and use it at the beginning of every training session. There is a reason for everything you are asked to do whilst being taught advanced driver training techniques. By carrying out this procedure you are making sure:- The vehicle is safe. …

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Document Replacement

To apply for a duplicate or replacement of any Department of Road Transport document on loss, theft or defacement. There is a fee which varies depending on the document being replaced. You require: Completed form TOM 46. For replacement Driving Licence, a Form TOM 7 and TOM 46 ARE REQUIRED – the officer of the …

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The Cyprus Driving Test.

Only Cyprus residents who can prove they have lived in the country for six months are eligible to apply for a Cyprus learner driving licence and take a Cyprus Driving Test. This to comply with EU Directives. EU provisional / learner / student licences are valid and can be used to drive and book a …

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Important changes to the UK Highway Code are now in force.
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