Police seize motorbikes, cars | Cyprus Mail

Seventeen high-capacity motorcycles and five cars have been confiscated according to a police announcement on Monday.

In the context of preventing road collisions and noise pollution, Z team and traffic police carried out traffic control checks between Friday 7pm to Monday 2pm in Limassol.

Special attention was given to places where road fatalities and or noise pollution previously took place.

During the checks, 17 high-capacity motorbikes were confiscated for a variety of offences including modifications on the bikes’ frames and engines and driving without a licence or insurance.

Similarly, five cars whose drivers were found without a driving licence and/or insurance were also confiscated.

Additionally, during the above checks, 24 drivers were found to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

Of them, a 26-year-old subjected to an alco-test scored 80mg% while a 70-year-old scored 90mg%.

Moreover, 78 drivers were charged for speeding, 33 for driving without a valid driving licence and insurance while another 80 for other traffic violations.

Targeted checks from the police will occur daily across the whole Cypriot road network. Their sole aim is to strengthen the feeling of road safety and prevent and mitigate serious and fatal road collisions.

Source: Police seize motorbikes, cars | Cyprus Mail